Newmarket medium uses ‘6th sense’ to help people find their soul’s purpose

While the pandemic has been a time of self-reflection for many people, Karen Strumos, trainer at Soulfull, says it can also be a time of self-reflection

As our way of life has completely changed, many people have sought their souls during the pandemic and a Newmarket medium is helping some to find answers.

Karen Strumos is an intuitive medium that offers soulful coaching to her clients.

“When I say it’s not a spiritual place, it’s not a spiritual place.

People will come to her for answers and through a series of sessions she will connect with them and, more importantly, with her energy, a gift she has had since she was born.

“As a child, I was always in tune with my surroundings,” she says. “I realized later in life that not everyone does that.”

She said that anyone is able to absorb vibrations, but she can go deeper and understand why people are upset when they connect with their energy.

“It was my sixth sense, so it was no different than listening or tasting or seeing,” said Strumos.

She previously worked in the corporate world before staying home to raise her children. During this time she practiced yoga and meditation and came into more contact with herself and her abilities.

After that, she started her professional practice and has been doing it for 20 years.

As a medium, she says she is able to communicate with the deceased and while this is not the service she offers her clients, it still plays a role in her work.

As part of her coaching, Strumos connects with the People’s Spirit Team.

“Everyone has a spiritual team and that is made up of spiritual guides, our guardian angels, our loved ones who have passed over, our higher selves,” she said.

She said using that energy to help her clients was a really cool part of her practice.

However, because of the nature of this work, she has come to terms with her fair share of skeptics, saying, “I don’t think there is any medium that hasn’t done this.”

For Strumos, however, she cannot be stopped from doing so.

“If someone is a skeptic, I can’t prove it to anyone, and I’m not trying, I’m beyond trying,” she said.

She added that if in a session she provides information that she would otherwise not have known and that is insufficient for them, there is nothing else she can do.

She said she could still give a reading to a skeptic and had even seen some of her clients become believers in the past throughout the process.

Strumos’ practice includes seven sessions with her clients held through Zoom. She closed her Newmarket office during the pandemic.

However, the medium did well during COVID-19.

“It took the distractions and suddenly we were alone,” said Strumos. “Our minds weren’t constantly flooded, and we weren’t constantly distracted and busy.”

She said this resulted in people having to spend time with themselves, which resulted in more people seeking advice.

While the pandemic has been a time of self-reflection for people, Strumos hopes it can also be a time of self-reconnection.

Whether she is helping people find meaning or solving a problem in their life, she said, “Ultimately, it all leads back to a place of self-love.”

In addition to her one-on-one coaching, Strumos also offers her skills in group sessions, workshops, and lectures, but these have been put on hold during the pandemic.

She said she hopes to return to this branch of her work this fall, but has used the technology to connect with people online and through her free Facebook group Soulfull Sisterhood.

“We all develop spiritually, we all develop physically, emotionally and soulfully in our lives,” she said, adding that everyone can benefit from soulful coaching.

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