Joy Crookes’s Introspective Soul Digs Deep Beneath Her ‘Skin’

LONDON – Joy Crookes knew she was making a statement by calling her debut album “Skin”. “It’s one of the strongest parts of our body,” said the 22-year-old singer-songwriter. But “in every other way, socially and externally, it is used against us,” she added in a recent interview in her London apartment, on the sofa … Read more

3 Hours 432Hz Deep Healing Music For Meditation & DNA Repair

Spread the love and make the world a better place! The frequency of 432 Hz is set to provide deep healing music that allows the listener to have calming and rejuvenating effects. Let go of all negative energy – healing meditation music, DNA repair, relaxation music. With the frequency of 432 Hz we can connect … Read more

Native Soul: Teenage Dreams review – dark and deep South African dance | Music

Hhe music and the glorious tension between its on-beat and its syncopated elements has long been a sound associated with South Africa. From the leisurely tempos of the sample-heavy Kwaito, a subgenre that has established itself in the post-apartheid townships in Johannesburg, to the Pretorian call-and-response from diBacardi to the adrenaline-charged polyrhythms of gqom – … Read more

Powerful Binaural Beats Delta Waves + 432 Hz For Deep Sleep

Verbreite die Liebe und mache die Welt zu einem besseren Ort! Die Verwendung von binauralen Beats Deltawellen + 432 Hz Solfeggio-Frequenzen für tiefen, heilenden Schlaf und Meditation kann eines der wichtigsten Werkzeuge sein, die Ihr Leben verändern können. Indem Sie Körper und Geist zur Entspannung einladen, können Sie alle Sorgen loslassen, die Ereignisse des Tages … Read more

Powerful Guided Deep Sleep Meditation To Fall Asleep Fast

Spread the love and make the world a better place! Use this free guided deep sleep meditation download to naturally fall into a state of deep sleep with a body scan and a unique blend of meditation techniques, using visualization to help you relax, unwind, and free your mind from restless and distracting Freeing thoughts … Read more