3 Hours 432Hz Deep Healing Music For Meditation & DNA Repair

Spread the love and make the world a better place! The frequency of 432 Hz is set to provide deep healing music that allows the listener to have calming and rejuvenating effects. Let go of all negative energy – healing meditation music, DNA repair, relaxation music. With the frequency of 432 Hz we can connect … Read more

Amazing 2-Hour Heart Chakra Meditation Music For Healing

Spread the love and make the world a better place! This heart chakra meditation music with natural sounds is a melody full of love, charisma and positive energy. The spiritual vibration of our heart chakra. Under what circumstances do we realize that our heart chakra needs compensation? Physical symptoms such as difficulty breathing, heart problems, … Read more

Aspen Dawn’s New Book, ‘Simply Me’, Is a Soul-Soothing Read That Shares a Vivid Interpretation of One’s Feelings and Emotions Written as a Solace for Healing

NEW YORK – Aug 24, 2021 – (Newswire.com) Fulton Books writer Aspen Dawn, a therapeutic writer and poet, has completed her latest book, Simply Me: a brilliant creation inspired by one’s feelings of grief, loss and love that is put on paper for discovery share and understand life on a deeper level. Aspen Dawn learned … Read more

What is color therapy healing?

Color therapy healing, also known as color therapy, is an alternative treatment for healing physical and mental ailments with the help of color. It works by stimulating the body’s healing process using the seven colors of the spectrum. Light is made up of colors. In addition to colors, light also consists of chemical and emotional … Read more