Amazing 2-Hour Heart Chakra Meditation Music For Healing

Spread the love and make the world a better place! This heart chakra meditation music with natural sounds is a melody full of love, charisma and positive energy. The spiritual vibration of our heart chakra. Under what circumstances do we realize that our heart chakra needs compensation? Physical symptoms such as difficulty breathing, heart problems, … Read more

Easy Guided Meditation For Beginners 101: How To Get Started

Verbreite die Liebe und mache die Welt zu einem besseren Ort! Geführte Meditation für Anfänger ist ein großartiger Ort, um Ihre persönliche Meditationspraxis zu beginnen. Es wird häufiger von Meditations-Neulingen verwendet, da die zusätzliche Unterstützung und Unterstützung eines Lehrers hilfreich sein kann, wenn sie zum ersten Mal mit der Praxis beginnen. Was ist eine geführte … Read more

1 Hour Of Beautiful Relaxing Background Music For Meditation

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Powerful Guided Deep Sleep Meditation To Fall Asleep Fast

Spread the love and make the world a better place! Use this free guided deep sleep meditation download to naturally fall into a state of deep sleep with a body scan and a unique blend of meditation techniques, using visualization to help you relax, unwind, and free your mind from restless and distracting Freeing thoughts … Read more

Things your attention needs to avoid | Guided Meditation Online

In Sahaja we talk regularly about the power of our attention and how important and central it is for our meditation practice. If you’re new to Sahaja, here is the result. The rising Kundalini energy raises our attention to a higher level of consciousness. All of the far-reaching and amazing benefits of meditation result from … Read more

3 Powerful Types Of Meditation For Beginners And Experts

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