Wellness Challenge: A Guide to Meditation for Resilience

The challenge We see meditation as something to calm our minds, but did you know that meditation can also make us stronger and more focused on the challenges ahead? Today, try a four-minute vigorous meditation with Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams, created only for those participating in the Fresh Start Challenge. Ms. Williams, who only capitalizes … Read more

Meditation helps build family relationships | Guided Meditation Online

Sahaja meditation enables you to harness the healing power of your inner energy to strengthen your mental and physical resilience and improve the personal qualities that foster deeper bonds with loved ones. You will be better equipped to face any challenges that come your way. We all make relationship mistakes from time to time, but … Read more

What does a spiritual mid-life crisis feel like? | Guided Meditation Online

A midlife crisis is a term used in western countries to describe a time of confusion and uncertainty when faced with difficult decisions and questions in life. The path they take from here could determine or destroy their lives and, more importantly, achieve their purpose and fulfillment. But not everyone has a midlife crisis, and … Read more

Meditation Apps Want Us to Chill Out. Musicians Are Happy to Help.

When Erykah Badu creates a new song, she starts with instruments that are usually treated as accessories, such as singing bells, shakers, mallets and tuning forks. It’s been like that since Baduizm, the singer and producer’s debut album in 1997. “What attracts me and you and everyone else is that these frequencies and sounds connect … Read more

The power of longer, deeper and slower meditation | Guided Meditation Online

In one of my recent meditation sessions for an online Sahaja audience, I decided to share a routine that I try to follow a couple of times a week. A surprising number of participants in my session contacted me and said that their experience was truly unique and how they experienced a rare, deep silence … Read more