Kent ISD program ‘feeds my teacher soul’ – School News Network

Multiple Districts – Ellin Oliver Keene gathered 25 fifth graders from Breton Downs Elementary to read Jeff Gottesfeld’s The Tree in the Yard: Looking Through the Window of Anne Frank. As students settled in, 16 teachers from East Grand Rapids and other ITS districts of Kent took places at the back and sides of the … Read more

Retired teacher, 95, tells family ‘laughter is medicine for the soul’ as she ends life at Dignitas

A 95-year-old woman cheerfully toasted her family at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland before downing a glass of barbiturates during her assisted suicide. Isabel Higgins, a retired teacher from Woking, Surrey, reassured her daughter that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ as she burst into a fit of giggles 10 minutes before her death. She was … Read more

STAR student Marisa Woo said she modeled her spirit of helping others after her teacher Chandra Karnati

Although the senior graduate said she had many amazing teachers to choose from who made a positive impact on her life, she said choosing Karnati as her STAR teacher “just felt right”. She took one of his courses for the first time during her junior year. Karnati, who has been with Gainesville High for 13 … Read more