Venus trine Saturn: Clarity, Connection, Stability

The aspect of the week this week is Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius, which will be on Wednesday May 19 if you are in the US / Canada or May 20 if you are in Europe or Australia. forms. Venus is at 13 Gemini and Saturn at 13 Aquarius.

I have a soft spot for every aspect of Venus / Saturn. A square or opposition from Venus to Saturn is more sophisticated and complex, while the sextile or trine from Venus to Saturn provides stability and highlights opportunities for engagement.

Venus in Gemini receives guidance and support from wise Saturn in Aquarius who can help create clarity about a person or partnership, be it at work or in your personal life. This aspect can help you understand who and what is important. You can experience a quality of contraction when clarifying your priorities in relation to a person or in a relationship.

Saturn prefers that we take our time and devote energy to different priorities in any order, one after the other, rather than trying to juggle or do multiple tasks.

Since Venus and Saturn form this aspect through two air signs, talking through it will help you make a connection and clarify what you – or someone else – really want. A commitment you make now has sustainable potential, as Saturn only affirms what has substance.

Saturn is never in a hurry, so what you are discussing now may take some time to materialize, but knowing that you are on the same page as someone important can be a good place to start.

Do you have a clarifying conversation? Would you like to make a plan or discuss options for the future? Let me know how you experience this aspect in the comments below.

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