5 Easy Feng Shui Tips & Gemstone Ideas For A Feng Shui Home

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Here are some Feng Shui tips to get more out of your meditation time, but one thing is crucial: you need a peaceful environment to calm your mind. Many practitioners find that the rules of Feng Shui can create a quiet space. Try it yourself with these gemstone ideas for good Feng Shui in your home. You don’t literally have to believe in spiritual discipline to benefit from a balanced interior.

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Feng Shui tips and principles are about harmonizing five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. A variety of objects will meet the requirement, but the use of crystals can increase the positive mood and style. Each item belongs to a specific location, so consider the layout of your home before placing them. Or try Feng Shui on a smaller scale by focusing only on your meditation room.

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Feng Shui tips with Wood

Colors: green, blue, purple

Qualities: intuition, strength and growth

Amethysts are a spectacular way to incorporate this element into your surroundings. Purple is a symbol of royalty and abundance in Feng Shui, so this mineral can attract abundance (which never harms) and protection. It is also reputed to have a high spiritual vibration. You can find a geode or amethyst cluster to place in your property corner.

Feng Shui tips with Fire

Colors: red tones

Qualities: inspiration, courage, confidence

If rubies are out of your budget, tumbled carnelians can make a lovely desktop rock garden. Look for triangular shapes that embody the fire element. When you meditate, the presence of a carnelian can improve your energy, motivation, and strength of mind. Pro tip: Putting a carnelian in your bedroom is said to increase fertility.

Feng Shui tips with earth

Colors: brown, orange, yellow

Features: stability, self-care, grounding

Citrine is a crystal with a warm, amber-colored sheen that is reminiscent of the changing leaves of autumn. A citrine gem tree is a beautiful way to summon the earth and trees. Gem trees themselves have a strong tradition as feng shui cures. Citrine is one of the few crystals that can self-clear and it bodes well for prosperity.

Feng Shui tips with metal

Colors: black, gray

Qualities: efficiency, precision, beauty

Hematite is similar to metal, especially when it is polished. It’s dark and cool and can help you focus on overcoming difficulties. It can impart powers of concentration that are incredibly useful for meditation. A hematite obelisk makes a powerful statement in any room and can help absorb negative energy.

Feng Shui tips with water

Colors: white, transparent

Qualities: wisdom, mindfulness, insight

Clear quartz is an ideal gemstone for good Feng Shui in your home because it goes with everything. You can add it to another gemstone if you want to activate or empower it. Put a crystal in your refrigerator to increase the nutrients in your food. It’s also nice as a lighting accent or as a prism pendant to hang in your window and break light.

Fung-ShuiFeng Shui principles to transform your home into a relaxed Feng Shui sanctuary

Your Feng Shui home should be a place to escape to and shelter from life’s frustrations. To increase your serenity, you can turn your home into an oasis to retreat to when you want to relieve stress or just relax.

You don’t need the services of an interior designer or Feng Shui designer to achieve the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort you want in your home. Instead, you can easily transform your home into the haven you want by making a few minor adjustments yourself.

Try these simple and effective Feng Shui tips to transform your home from an easily habitable space into your personal retreat:

1. Beautify your home with natural elements. Brightening up a room is a great way to make it warm, calming, and inviting. And these feelings can be effectively achieved when you incorporate natural elements into your home’s decor.

Here are some ways you can incorporate the outdoors for an instant sense of relaxation:

• Get flowering plants for your bedroom balcony or back patio.
• Put wind chimes in places that catch the breezes during the day.
• Install an aquarium and fill it with aquatic life.

2. Install controls to dim lights. Instead of spending money to convert a single room in your home into a center of relaxation, why not install lighting controls in every room? With these controls, you can easily change the ambience in any room in your home and achieve instant comfort and relaxation!

3. Paint your private room a calming color. Whether you want to retreat to your bedroom, bathroom or living room, changing the color of the walls can transform your private space into an oasis in no time at all. For a calming effect, you can use shades of blue on the walls. You will immediately feel the calm energy when you go into space.

4. Use aromatherapy. Aromatic scents can calm your mood.

Try these Feng Shui tips to fill your home with pleasant, relaxing scents:

• Scented candles that you can buy at any grocery or department store
• Flowering plants with natural aromas
• Aromatic herbs like lavender that can be placed in aromatherapy diffusers
• Incense sticks

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5. Get a deck chair. A lounge chair is a great way to relax and a great addition to any room! When you get home from a busy day at the office, you can relax in your recliner.

You’ll be surprised how much help it can be, especially when you get one with:

• Massage functions
• Comfortable headrests
• Cup holder so you can sip your favorite drink while relaxing
• Pockets for your favorite magazine as well as the remote control of the TV

These are just some of the simple Feng Shui tips you can use to transform your home into an oasis of relaxation. And the best part is that you can make these little changes, adjustments, and additions yourself. There is no need to seek outside professional help.

You alone know what you need to feel completely relaxed and comfortable with these Feng Shui tips for your home. Let your home feel peaceful every time you enter!

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