5 Prayers for When the News Cycle Is Overwhelming

3. A prayer to choose joy

Dear father,

When I turn on the news or scroll through social media, I feel myself running out of joy today. So many things are happening in the world, God, and I feel _______. God, I pray that you will help me make a conscious decision to choose joy today. I don’t want to stick on false luck; I want to experience the lasting joy that only comes from understanding that you are in control and that you take care of me.

God, I pray that when complex emotions arise, you will help me assess them wisely. Help me not to dismiss my anger, fear or frustration, but rather to understand these emotions and to discuss them with you. Help me to show empathy to others who are angry and fearful and not to dismiss their big emotions. But help me be compassionate, patient, and kind – with myself and with others – when it comes to these feelings. And when I’ve worked through this, help me pass these fears on to you and move forward with joy.

God open my eyes to all the beautiful things you do around me in my life. Make me aware of the smallest details and remind me of the incredible things you have done for me. This world will always have its difficulties, but help me reassure you because you have overcome them all. I ask this on your behalf


4. A prayer for the men and women reporting the news

Dear Sir,

I want to raise the reporters, photographers and editors who cover the news. I so easily forget that we only know what is going on in the world because men and women work hard to tell. Keep those who find themselves in dangerous situations safe, Lord, as they work to bring us information about what is happening. Give them strength as they are sometimes in the middle of such a mess. For the men and women you know, I pray that you will strengthen their hearts in the midst of trouble so that they can rest assured that you are holding them in your hand.

For those who do not know you, God, I pray that the events they deal with will help them think bigger and focus their hearts on you. God, please conquer the hearts of these people so that they may know peace and have life in you.

God, some days when I watch the news, my heart sinks in the face of the pain and suffering. For me, I can just turn it off and walk away. But those who work on the news have no way of turning away. I pray that you will strengthen their hearts, God. Give them peace and quiet when they need it and help them see the points of light in difficult situations – the helping people, the unexpected miracles, the signs of life that endure.

Thank you for the gift of a free press and the opportunity to know what is going on around the world. I pray for all reporters, editors, and photographers that you will give them strength and honesty in what they do. Help them find the truth and shed light on corruption. I ask all of this in your name


Photo credit: © Unsplash / Milada Vigerova

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