7 Spiritual Ideas For Change

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Enjoy this guided higher self meditation mp3 along with information on how to reconnect with your higher self with the seven spiritual ideas that you can use to reconnect with your universal intelligence as the creator and author of your life.

I hope you find great value in this lesson and guided meditation. I’ve also included the Higher Self Meditation Script so you can look at the deeper meanings and ideas for change.

Everyone is here for a reason, and it is your responsibility to find out what that reason is. In this way the universe can open the way for you as the main creator of your life. The universe is pure intelligence and is responsive to your current state of mind.

7 spiritual ideas for deep and lasting change

So how can each of us learn to trust the universe?

1. Understand that you are the main creator of your life at the deepest level. No matter what your outside world may currently look like.

2. Meditate in silence for ten to twenty minutes on a timer, every day for thirty days. The instructions are given to you by the universe, you will gradually learn to relax into the “space” of the universal power. This universal power belongs to you from birth and is immediately available to you.

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3. Visualize and consider yourself during your meditation as a powerful white gold light, a divine non-physical spiritual being. You are fully connected to the entire universe and have all the resources you need to create whatever you want. Paint this picture of you in your head, make it big and beautiful.

4. Open your heart to everyone on the planet (yes, everyone, regardless of their behavior). Open up to all spirit guides who are around you waiting to help you. All you have to do is ask for their help. Creating your intention and asking for help are the most important tools you have in creating the life you desire.

5. Now, from this moment on, start building a trusting, loving relationship between you and the universe. Shift the thought patterns from your old beliefs to a new belief of a fully loving, safe, abundant, and supportive universe that is there for you every moment. Understand that the universe is pure intelligence and is responsive to your state of mind.

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Remember the old saying about computers that good data is good data. You are responsible for entering the good data and then letting the universe deliver the good result in the form of your new life, which is all you want.

6. Let go of the past completely. Every single moment is a creative point of light that you can work with. We are very focused on our past, but we need to ask ourselves what is the value of the past? The universe is more interested in what you create in the future.

You can’t possibly be who you live in your past. Our minds go through the past over and over again and will continue to do so until you become aware of your powerful ability to create a future so rich and full of your Divine Essence that you can hardly believe your joy and happiness .

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7. Create a new story about your future. Learn through this story and cultivate a new, deeply felt “knowledge” of your truth in your divinity and that you are truly a “spiritual being with a human experience”. You are a great and intelligent master moving through this dense energy plane of the earth to learn how to create so that other masters can learn from your experience here on earth.

Fill yourself with light, let go of the old you and create a new you that reflects your long history of mastery. Now start at this point of light, meditate and download a new update of your human file with the new creative ability of wholeness as you move into the purpose of life that has always been within you.

You will remember this aspect of yourself through the process of a very simple and easy meditation. The time to begin is in this present moment, in this moment of the now.


  • Now set everything aside for a few minutes.
  • Set a timer for ten minutes and gently focus on your breath in and out of your nose, then get up and move on with the rest of the day.
  • As the day progresses, watch the changes in peace, well-being, energy, and focus as you begin your journey that is your purpose in life. Enjoy the process, no matter what comes your way, just be the loving observer of your life. Make it fun and exciting!
  • Without the ability to love yourself, you cannot develop spiritually and you cannot influence the world that you would like to have. Period, end of story, no ifs, ors, or buts.

Script for meditation on the higher self

Higher Self Meditation Script

Beginning of the higher self script

Take a comfortable position. Close your eyes when you start to relax. Take a deep breath, now exhale, and empty your lungs completely. And again. Take a deep breath, never tense or rushed. Breathe in strength, breathe out tension. Carry on to relax. Take a very deep breath. Allow your breathing to discover its own natural, leisurely rhythm. And when ideas enter your mind, allow them to go without attachment.

Just as the sun awakens us to a fresh day, so does the spirit of higher power within awaken us to divine glory in all of creation. This glory, within and around us, is every place we look and in every situation we encounter.

When your heart is centered in the higher power, you can calm your mind and meditate on the wonder of all creation and your oneness with it. Take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable, and gently let go of the day’s worries. Your sole purpose this minute is to experience the higher power … and you start now by relaxing in prayer and holding these words in your heart:

I awaken to your spirit within me and actively see your presence in all of creation.

Your breathing is easy. Relax your toes and feet. Relax your ankles and knees. Relax your leg muscles. Your breathing is deep and relaxing. Relax your fingers and hands. Loosen your wrists and elbows. Relax your arms. Your breathing is slow and peaceful. Feel your feet and legs get heavy and warm. Feel your hands and arms get warm and heavy. Just breathe as your thoughts come and go.

Focus on your breathing. Let go of the tension as your body falls into a state of peaceful calm. Relax your jaw. Relax your face and let go of your tongue. Your heartbeat and breathing are calm and steady. Your breathing is relaxed. Empty your mind of all thoughts. Your stomach is soft and warm, your limbs are heavy and warm.

Watch your thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky. Your hands are warm, your forehead is cool, and your breathing is deep and relaxed. Feel your breath sink deeper and deeper into your lungs. As your shoulders sag, feel your breath fill the top of your chest. You are relaxed and peaceful.

Your breathing is deep and relaxed. Warm hands, cool forehead. Empty your lungs completely. Hear the silence grow as your mind falls silent. You are relaxed, calm and centered. Your heart rate and breathing are calm and even. Warm hands, cool forehead. Your breathing is deep and relaxed. Enjoy the silence.

When you know it’s time to leave this place, start to come back. Let your breathing bring you back. Gently take a few deep breaths. Stop for a moment. Just remember one last time that you can always come back to this place. It may only be for a moment, but it will remind you of the feeling of peace that is yours.

Open your eyes.

Feel the goodness of meditation for a few moments.

End of the script of the higher self

Meditation is one of the most effective methods of connecting with your higher self on a consciously conscious level.

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Your higher consciousness does not exist in a separate area from you. It’s always there no matter what. It is the higher aspect of your consciousness that has a high vibrational frequency and is characterized by it. In fact, you can only really live on your higher self-awareness if you feel feelings of love and deep gratitude and sincere forgiveness.

Therefore, the meditation to help you connect with your higher self focuses primarily on increasing your vibrational frequency. To meet your higher self, you can either use guided meditations or meditate on your own, attuning to a deep state of gratitude for your life and intent on meeting your higher self.

Consider a calm and peaceful environment, a place that you enjoy being. It’s not about doing it, allow yourself to relax in the process and be a part of it.

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Your higher self can appear to you as a physical presence, such as your very best friend sitting next to you, if you prefer. Another option is to visualize yourself surrounded by warm, loving energy. Once you feel the presence of your higher self, you can ask any questions you want. The higher self is in no way a judge or a critic.

Be open to all the answers you get from your higher self, regardless of how they feel at the time. Remember that your answers can be conveyed in a number of ways, including words, feelings, images, or sensations. Be open to whatever comes your way.

Write down everything that comes to mind because things can become clear after a while, either in the waking state by chance or in your dreams.

So, schedule a meeting with your higher self to discuss what’s going on in your life. Ask big questions from the perspective of your “big self”. As you guide yourself through your Higher Self-Meditation, your life will take on a whole new meaning – and in some cases a very different direction. Enjoy!

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