A Wider Circle of Friends

As friends of God, we are invited to befriend all friends of God. God invites us to add God’s friends to our circle of friends wherever we meet them. There are no limits that limit God’s friends; Friendship with God opens us up to an ever larger circle of potential friends. Because God loves the righteous and the unrighteous, the best saints and the worst sinner, it remains our duty to ask God to help us love all of His friends, including those who are our “enemies.” We may not be able to love our enemies who are friends of God alone. If so, we can ask God for help in doing this.

God’s relentless desire for our friendship – and for our friendship within the human family – is the driving force behind the story of our world and us. We exist because of this desire. Every possibility for our life is created by God’s desire for us.

—Excerpt from God’s Great Story and You by William A. Barry, SJ

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