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Aquarius – The water carrier

January 20th – February 18th

Element – air

Ruling planet – Uranus

Colors – purple and blue

Crystals – amethyst, aquamarine, onyx, labradorite, lepidolite

Aquarius is known as the water carrier, embodied as a human figure with a pot of water. The defining traits of Aquarius are independence, which is manifested in their intellect, the symbolic pot of water that means knowledge.

You have a vision for a better world and the determination and discipline to bring about positive change. Very original and innovative, aquarists are often way ahead of their time.

Affirmation; I can express my originality with compassion

Best crystals Aquarius


According to legend, this gemstone can calm waves at sea. That’s why it’s ideal for Aquarians who travel a lot. In addition, an aquamarine crystal can help them connect with their true feelings. Aquamarine is one of the best Aquarian Crystals that helps the Aquarian Sun Signs translate their thoughts into reality and support their humanitarian endeavors by bringing them compassion, empathy and an inspired sense of service to humanity. This is a light hearted crystal that will help you go with the flow and reduce your stress levels. It also promotes authenticity and helps them feel more comfortable with themselves, especially if they feel like an outsider as they think way ahead of most people.


Amethyst is an Aquarian stone that brings the Aquarius sun sign into contact with his intuition and spiritual guidance. In this way, it helps Aquarians determine the best course of action as they move into their new future. It also helps reduce stress.

Amethyst is said to enhance the communicative nature of those born under this sign and promote their ability to work effectively with others on goals or projects – both personally and professionally. This is particularly effective in group situations where the stone is intended to aid the wearer’s ability to work with his companions as a whole and to promote productivity through a wonderfully combined effort.

It is believed that amethyst helps Aquarius cope better with difficult situations. It calms the mind and gives its wearer a clearer view of the obstacles and the way ahead.

The stone is also intended to make its somewhat reluctant Aquarius owners more open to the suggestions and advice of others and to help them better adapt their behavior to the situations.


Black onyx is a centering and balancing stone that promotes emotional strength and helps Aquarius to no longer suppress their emotions, reduce self-doubt and face their fears. Its energy is also used to reduce stress and improve decision-making

Onyx promotes self-realization. It helps in resolutely pursuing our own goals and is particularly suitable for those who are easily influenced or guided. It is also beneficial for centering the whole person and aligning them with the higher forces.

Onyx strengthens our self-confidence and sense of responsibility. It promotes a healthy ego and a willingness to engage in an argument when necessary.

Onyx improves assertiveness. By stimulating analytical thinking and logic, it improves concentration and will

help us argue decisively. It also provides a sober and realistic view of our lives that improves control over our own actions.


There are many properties that are ascribed to this beautiful, mystical stone, such as happiness, protection, lucid dreams, insight, improved psychic abilities, intuition and the dissipation of negative energies. Labradorite, which has its own charms, is part feldspar and part albite. Hence, the properties of all these minerals make labradorite’s magic.

Emotionally, labradorite has calming, calming and harmonizing effects, making it a perfect talisman for those who get angry easily. It improves intuition and helps clarify the wearer’s views, goals, and objectives.

All in all, this fantastic stone is known to absorb darker and unwanted energies and replace them with positive energies.


Lepidolite is a calming crystal with calming energy that helps balance the Aquarian spirit. Often analytical, Aquarius can be over-thinkers and sometimes workaholics. Lepidolite promotes calm and reduces stress. Energy blocks can adversely affect your decision-making.

As a “stone of transition” Lepidolite helps in the dissolution and reorganization of old behavior and psychological patterns and gently induces changes. It brings deep emotional healing, soothes and reduces stress and depression. Lepidolite dispels negativity and insists on being used for the highest good. It activates the throat, heart, third eye chakras and intellect. It opens the crown chakra, releases blockages and brings cosmic awareness. Lepidolite facilitates astral travel and accesses the Akasha Chronicle. It helps move you forward into the future and tune into thoughts and feelings from other lives that are now creating a block in your life.

Lepidolite helps to overcome any kind of emotional or mental dependency and supports the liberation from addictions and complaints of all kinds, including anorexia. It promotes independence, self-love and trust. Combining its objectivity with direction and unobstructed communication, Lepidolite focuses on the essentials and makes it an excellent stone for business activities

Aquarius love compatibility

Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign love to have deep conversations and help others whenever they can. After all, those who share this air sign are the most human of all and are always thinking about making the world a better place and a better place to live (via Allure). Shy and reserved at first, Aquarius becomes lively and talkative once they feel more comfortable in a new person or environment. Because of their innate fixation on helping the people who need them most, they may neglect other personal relationships or commitments. According to, the most valuable trait is for those under the 11th but the true soulmate potential for Aquarius is Sagittarius. The fire sign is curious and open-minded, which makes for a great debate partner. Like Aquarius, they value freedom and are not of the jealous type so you can have a trusting and loving relationship with them. The archers are also very playful and will appreciate the perversity of Aquarius in bed.

While every relationship is different and we cannot predict the future, understanding yourself through your zodiac sign can definitely give you the tools to better gauge your next relationship. Aquarius values ​​independence and going off the beaten track, so with that in mind, an Aries partner would be the perfect match. This fire sign is also really organized and full of energy – especially in bed – so it is compatible with Aquarius’ natural sex drive. When it comes to a good debater and creative lover who will always surprise you in the best way, look for a Gemini. Like Aquarius, Gemini has two personalities – one that is more analytical and serious, and another that is talkative and fun. Libra are also fantastic conversationalists and will satisfy your cravings for fun sex.

Aquarius traits

As an air sign, Aquarius deals with the exchange of information and ideas, of logic and facts. For those with the Sun in Aquarius, communication is key, be it informal through cultivating social connections or more formal through practical channels.

Aquarius has a lot to do with the social side of life, and Aquarius tends to observe the cultural norms on which communities are built. Sun people in Aquarius may have excellent networking skills and a wide range of friends.

Maintaining equality in relationships is important for those born under this sign. As a fixed sign, Aquarius is concerned with durability. You need to establish a firm conceptual foundation with which to approach life.

Aquarius can tenaciously hold onto ideas that they find right or wrong, and unless they are shown a logical alternative to an intended course of action, they are unlikely to change. They may have a reputation for being stubborn, but it is often the Aquarius ability to uphold a tried and tested theory at work here, rather than the stubborn disregard of the point of view of others.

What qualities do you have as an Aquarius? Feel free to share your comments below.

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