David Muntzel’s newly released “Light Side” is an enjoyable and humorous collection of writings intended to encourage the Christian soul

“Light Side”: a pleasant collection of faith-based communications that the author has received over many years. “Light Side” is the creation of published author David Muntzel, a loving husband and proud father of two successful adult children who served as a state representative in the Missouri House of Representatives for eight years. Today he enjoys traveling with his loving wife Ann and spending time with their beloved grandchildren.

Says Muntzel, “The title of this book, Light Side, was developed by the author who believes that people are happier and more successful when they have a positive attitude. Since the response to the book can be humorous and inspiring, it could be said it’s on the bright side with a Christian attitude.

“This book consists of short stories, poems, statements, and sentences with a ‘Christian undertone’ written by speechwriters, guest speakers, preachers (sermons), church ministries (newsletters), Bible study groups, etc., or individuals looking for inspiring Christian reading .

“The contents of this book were compiled from hundreds of emails received by the author over a period of twelve or more years and stored in a drawer. The saved emails caught the author’s attention by being inspirational and / or humorous. As soon as the drawer was filled, it was time to evaluate what to do with this collection. Sorting, categorizing and editing led to the decision to make them available in book form so that others can benefit and enjoy them.

“The main reason the author took this action was to respond to a ‘calling’ that kept coming back to his mind, to share with others, that could inspire readers to be touched by the Lord’s desires. The author believes that the Lord always smiles at him when promoting the Lord’s desire in thought, word, or deed. You can feel that smile.

“When you read this book and there is at least one of the messages you have shared with others that leads them in the direction of the Lord, you are likely to experience this feeling, that smile from above.

“With the exception of ‘Message from the Author,’ the author makes no claim that any of the stories in the book are true or not. Nor does he make any claims or representations, express or implied, as to the source of the material other than that it is not the author’s original thoughts or stories, but a compilation of materials written by others and collected by the author the years to be shared with others. Except for the notice of the author, all of the content of the material in this book was received by unrestricted e-mail and the author makes no claims of originality or personal property rights in relation to these works. “

The new book by David Muntzel published by Christian Faith Publishing is a creative arrangement of humorous, inspiring and encouraging texts.

This collection of thoughtful and insightful reflections is an inventive opportunity to reflect and rekindle the joy of faith.

Check out a roundup of “Light Side” on YouTube.

Consumers can buy “Light Side” in traditional bookstores or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes Store or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about Light Side, please contact Christian Faith Publishing’s media department at 866-554-0919.

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