Friday 15 October 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

Saint Teresa of Avila

Romans 4: 1-8. In times of need, Lord, I turn to you and you fill me with the joy of salvation – Psalm 31 (32): 1-2, 5, 11. Luke 12: 1-7.

This belief was seen as a justification for him

Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans can be difficult to understand at times. But for too long their theology has divided us rather than united. In 1999 the Lutheran and Catholic Churches presented a joint declaration on the doctrine of justification, which the Methodist, Anglican and Reformed Churches later joined to show their common understanding. Together they declared that “Justification is the work of the Triune God … By grace alone, believing in the saving work of Christ, and not by virtue of our merit, we are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit who renews our hearts” while we ourselves equip and call to good works. ‘ So today we can reflect on what we have received through our faith and grace and thank God, who does not forget even the smallest sparrow.

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