Friday 23 July 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

St. Bridget of Sweden. Day of repentance

Exodus 20: 1-17. Lord, you have the words of eternal life – Ps 18 (19): 8-11. Matthew 13: 18-23.

And some seeds fell on good soil

Archie: Thank you for explaining your parable, Jesus. Tell me where to find the good soil that brings a harvest. I want to stay there.

Jesus: Actually, I have called you to follow me, Archie, with nowhere to stay. Your journey takes you along the way, over rocky ground, through fields of thorns and on good soil. As you walk, you will discover which soil is fertile and which is not. I will still be with you. I am the good ground that you have to stay on.

Archie: But doesn’t that mean I get pecked by birds, get thirsty on rocks, and get torn by thorns?

Jesus: Of course, Archie, the seed has to fall into the ground and die if it is to bear fruit. So if you want to follow me you have to go there. And I’ll be with you Then you will fully understand the word of God.

Archie: Are you real Jesus?

Jesus: Yes, Archie – remember, I am the risen Jesus.

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