Friday 27 August 2021 – Daily Prayer

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St. Monika. Day of repentance

1 Thessalonians 4: 1-8. Let the righteous rejoice in the Lord – 96 (97): 1-2, 5-6, 10-12. Matthew 25: 1-13.

What God wants is all of you to be holy

This passage from the Bible touches on a neuralgic point for the members of the Christian churches. It seems to emphasize that holiness is a matter of sexual purity. That is correct in its context. The author addresses a troubling situation among his readers that has to do with marriage and sexual attraction. Christians today realize that holiness is our goal in many areas of morality, not just the sexual area. In our own context, the writer of this letter may have drawn our attention to cases of domestic violence, rape and sex trafficking in people, or a lack of concern for our environment. These impurities in our society affect the sanctity of the body of Christ. God’s will is that we abstain from all immorality, personal and social. How is God calling you now to make our society holy?

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