Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Letting Go and Finding Faith

Full moon lunar eclipse at 5 Sagittarius on Wednesday May 26th

The eclipse themes of cycles that end, let go, and generally feel insecure will likely be in play the entire time the Moon is in Sagittarius, which lasts about 48 hours in total, and Wednesday and Thursday and parts of Friday covers depending on where you are.

This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is located near the South Node, which is about letting go, clearing traffic jams, and reconnecting with your spiritual pursuits.

The Sagittarius part of your diagram has been in “Empty and Clear Disorder” mode since May 2020, when the South Node moved into Sagittarius. Peak during this total lunar eclipse on May 26th. It’s a great time to clear up and back down traffic jams in general but specifically related to the themes and themes of your Sagittarius home.

The solar eclipse and the South Node: Tidying up and searching for meaning

The South Knot in Sagittarius can help you clarify any old beliefs, ideas, or prospects that you want to share. This, in turn, can lead to a learning journey as you strive to better understand a current situation or make a meaningful point of view. This solar eclipse has a strong “off with the old, in with the new” undertone. There are plenty of great new deals just around the corner, thanks to the Eclipse ruler Jupiter in Pisces, but it will be hard to make the most of it when you are still full of past plans and old dreams.

When I reread previous posts like this one and this one about solar eclipses near the South Node, I can find that I often do major clearing out or clearing out. This is a practical and easy way to honor the energy of the South Node. This time we are preparing for a big move back to Canada which definitely made me think differently about what we need and what is really important than what to have nice but not strictly necessary.

You too could re-evaluate your things or your room. But you may also think about deeper, more thought-provoking topics, such as what really gives you meaning, or how to find meaning or make a positive contribution. You may be wondering whether old material goals or worldly ambitions are still the right goals for you. You can explore new ways to strike a balance between creating security and creating space for meaning.

Jupiter in Pisces, the darkness and your horoscope

The ruler of this solar eclipse is Jupiter in Pisces, a brand new pairing of planets and signs that we can still get a feel for. This eclipse could help provide clues from within you as to a dream that needs your attention or can no longer be ignored.

You might think about how the Pisces and Sagittarius parts of your chart might work together, or how the themes of these houses are sometimes conflicting in your natal chart. So this week when you can take a break from your Sagittarius home chores or issues so you can focus, explore, and rediscover the dreams or needs of your Pisces home issues.

Shadow, light and subtle senses

This will be the last lunar or full moon eclipse in Sagittarius for that eclipse. (There is a solar or new moon eclipse in Sagittarius in December to complete the Gemini / Sagittarius eclipse sequence.) Since this eclipse is also a full moon in a fire sign, expect drama or an outbreak when the emotions get hot or boil Over.

Revelation is possible, and through the eclipse you can come into contact with an insight or piece of consciousness that was previously hidden from view.

Eclipses describe a break in the regular flow of events and have been viewed with caution in the past. If you can, opt for a quieter schedule or cut down on your time and energy needs on May 26th and 27th for rest during this dramatic and excited astrological event.

The interplay between shadow and light is also highlighted by a solar eclipse. Some of your usual sources of wisdom and inner knowing may be temporarily unavailable, and at the same time it may allow you to be blocked in one direction from seeing, exploring, or connecting to something that you normally overlook. Subtle senses like intuition, emotional awareness, and visceral sensations can be the source of insight or guidance during the solar eclipse as the sunlight is blocked for a while.

At the very least, it will help to keep yourself calm, to withdraw, or to find stillness. I also share a little more about the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius in this video on my YouTube channel.

Where does the solar eclipse activate your chart? How do you experience this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius?

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