Horoscopes for Mercury in Libra, 2021

For months, Mercury has been traveling through the signs at warp speed, in direct motion, zipping through scorched and productive territory. That all changes on August 29/30th when Mercury enters the breezy Candyland of Libra and gets turned around at beautiful signposts and stuck in taffy quicksand. Mercury stations retrograde on September 26/27th, in a square to Pluto, planet of depth, probing inquiry, and an unrelenting unearthing of power dynamics. 

However, warning signs arrive as early as  September 6th, when Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow. From this point forward, be willing to examine how the values of fairness and objectivity are often anything but. 

The way to discover these principles for yourself is to follow Mercury, the navigator, through places where you will have to feel your way through and rely on other sensory faculties. If the issue shows up a second time, know that these pickles will likely require a total of three passes to get resolved.

October 9th is a day to stay the winding course no matter how hot a topic gets. Mercury makes its inferior conjunction with the Sun marking the midpoint of its retrograde cycle. Then several hours later, Mercury bumps into Mars. Amid frustration and stagnation, subtle insights reveal themselves. It’s information to record and act on later.

The knots of confusion loosen when Mercury makes a sextile to Venus on October 15th and then stations direct on October 18th. The big boost comes on October 31st when Mercury trines Jupiter, suddenly freeing us up from indecision or stalling. Now you can decide with confidence even as Mercury squares Pluto on November 2nd. Honesty — instead of niceties — leads the way to authentic, heart-centered expression.

Your horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Thea Anderson.

Aries & Aries Rising

On August 29/30th, Mercury begins its sky trek through Libra to script more flirtatious crossed wires than your standard rom com. It all begins in good pixie dream fun as a well-timed compliment exalts your team of two. When your closest bonds aren’t solely transactional, they bloom petals of reciprocity. 

Mercury stations retrograde on September 26/27th, and declarations that purely please the other party feel too flimsy to secure the winding sojourn ahead. Recall those seemingly minor conversations, promises and pledges made in the midst of mutual good feeling. 

Whatever negotiations were innocently glazed over now warrant deeper investigation. These drawn out convos could require more than a little patience as you graze across or a thorn or two. 

This is the task for the month of October. To put your full self into the conversation, without genuflecting to cultural tics or conventions. Note that October 9th is a day where your agenda clangs and clashes with another’s. See where two interests intersect — the airy exchange of commonality. 

Compromise draws you deeper into closeness and confidence with your paramour or other partners. By November, discard your single bouquet and reunite in an abundant field of flora and accord.

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

On August 29/30th, Mercury scoots into Libra, eager to level the playing field in your working world. For the next two months, the mental gears are churning for productive aims to sweeten the deal on dutiful work. Your processes are supported in abundance, and your harmonious systems bring satisfaction. Go ahead and whistle while you work. 

Yet what have you sacrificed for this peace of mind regarding daily grind? When Mercury stations retrograde on September 26/27th, retrace your steps to the root source of your inner judge. October 9th poses questions and dilemmas that pull you deeper into yourself. Where does working out problems and crunching geometric puzzles serve you or weigh you down? 

Placing the feather on the fulcrum is a good idea to see where you want to bring balance into your health and wellbeing. The trick behind equilibrium is to realize that it is constantly in flux, constantly balancing and unbalancing. 

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

It’s your turn to roll the dice when Mercury enters Libra on August 29/30th. The requisite games & rec planet wants to dabble in your domain of play. Say yes to adult coloring books and watch your creativity pollinate the realm of your pleasure. 

But this chatty time is anything but solo. You could have more diversions on your calendar than a southern socialite. Your cocktail hour conversations generate thought bubbles like a freshly poured flute of champagne.

On September 26/27th, Mercury stations retrograde and pulls your attention back on the passion pursuits of the past month. Where have you spent your time and thought? After the party buzz drops to a lull, look at what is underlying the compulsion to socialize. Connection to the fun has a cost when we sacrifice our divine creativity for trivial distractions. 

What do you really want to create? What deserves your revelry?

During the month of October, step gingerly over the threshold between what is only gleeful and what is generative. If you get stuck or turned around, talk or write it out to nail down your primary passions. By articulating your desire, you decode the otherwise mystical production process. Expression is a bridge to uncovering previously concealed urges.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

On August 29/30th, Mercury breezes into Libra ready to gather your mental processes around your abode. Over the next two months, explore how to be in “right relation” with your cohabitants and chosen people. Chit-chat with young and elders alike over tea to bridge the gap between generations, as any good interpreter can do.

When Mercury stations retrograde on September 26/27th, review the grammar of your dialogues that transpire within your home. The writing’s on the wall. Language is learned in childhood and as we grow, we develop our own more suitable vernaculars. This is how we convey love, closeness, and soothe the inevitable conflict. 

Philosophical and political debates may divide the table at gatherings on October 9th. Yet discord is always an invitation to identify the ground you do share in common, and the ground you can rope off as “respectful disagreement.”

The axiom is true that doing the radical opposite gets you what you want. By leaning into prickly conversations with your family, consensus can eventually be reached. Rather than splitting the prize, your willingness to understand the folks who raised you is the way to clarity. By November, install a shiny plaque of fairly elected “house rules.”

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

When Mercury lands in Libra on August 29/30th, the next two months will have you clearing the social air with no shortage of schmooze. Step into the parade and up on the podium, because you’ve got the gift to bring accord to your hubs of close influence. 

Even if your commute has been shortened to crossing your living room, think of your daily reach just from your keyboard. Pithy phrases and cute-isms turn email replies into mutually-engaging vibes.

Your east wind of charm lets up on September 26/27th, when Mercury stations retrograde. It’s time to retrace previously light-hearted banter for signs that the exchange was thrown off-center. Did a broadcast message miss the mark? 

Sometimes, turning the mirror on ourselves and our words is the last thing we want to do. Yet how else to rectify having said one thing when another was meant? Ultimately, you’ll have no problem smoothing over all manner of awkward encounters that arose when mind and mouth were on two different tracks. 

Laughing it off is good medicine even as you reckon with just how deep the misunderstanding ran. Reconcile with folks on the other end of your daily digest, be it sibling, BFF or classmate. By November you rebound from previous SNAFUs to harmonize with your chorus of community.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

On August 29/30th, Mercury stops pulling weeds and starts growing dahlias when it enters Libra. For the next two months, seek out stimulation from your garden of treasures and just rewards. Your closet of unworn block pumps and starched oxford shirts waits to be rediscovered. 

Why wait for the pot of gold when you could usher in the rainbow yourself? You pride yourself in being above the messy discourse of wants vs. needs.

Subjectivity slips through the door on September 26/27th when Mercury reverses course. Attempt to judge a financial matter on its facts and you could end up overcorrecting one way or the other. This foggy time is for puzzling together solutions to substance and for sorting invitations to your banquet hall of plenty.

Sometimes attaining satisfaction with your have and have-not states can feel like a high-wire act. Your true value is never contingent upon the baubles, gadgets or pearls. Tunnel towards your trove of connections and relationships that affirm and support you. By November, you plant both winged feet firmly on the ground when it comes to numbering and naming your precious things.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Every good love song is composed of equally good lyrics. When Mercury enters Libra on August 29/30th, rehearse the melodic refrains you’ll echo over the next two months. Compliments and socially-correct sayings flow from you like you’ve got a direct line with Hallmark. You start out by feeling confident in your ability to settle any static on the airwaves.

Then your sheet music is up for revision when Mercury stations retrograde on September 26/27th. It’s head scratching when what you believed to be a clear and concise message is shuffled like card night at the tower of “Babble.” 

This misunderstanding feels more personal than usual and leaves you feeling somewhat misperceived. You’ll have to work in reverse to restore equilibrium to situations that nudge you off your center.

Yet if anyone can set the record straight, it’s you. Practice weighing concerns that really matter to you and assess which way they tip the scales. Caring a lot is ok. Being partial towards one outcome over another is wonderful. The right relation you seek is reciprocal between you and the world.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

On August 29/30th, Mercury enters Libra turning up the frequency to subtle and subterranean realms. Like a treasure hunter at the beach, you tune your ear through the noise, toward all you cannot see. Over two months, your internal whisper network becomes audible.

Scouring this terrain takes you off the pre-charted course when Mercury stations retrograde on September 26/27th. Dreams and intuitive hunches task you with sorting fiction from fact, up from down. A part of you wants to reach reason and rationale on October 9th, but what’s really needed is a left brain/right brain tiebreaker.

Maybe it’s time to revamp the inner dialogue and restore your 6th or 7th sense to its former glory. Fine art restorers work this way, applying new materials to what was worn and distorted. It’s not quite the original, yet it has been remade anew.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Comrades gather around you when Mercury enters Libra on August 29/30th. For the next two months you find your sweet spot when speaking to the crowd. Like a TedTalk, you disperse reason to your audience in amusing yet sensible anecdotes. You’re also willing to go with the crowd when you feel an inkling of disagreement.

On September 26/27th, Mercury stations retrograde and that small seed of ‘I’d rather not’ begins to sprout. It’s like all that niceness and manners threw your allies into rooms of contest instead of contentment.

Your opinions are allowed here even if they go against the grain. People pleasing is self-deluding anyway. The world and the affinity groups within it are built on an experience of subjectivity. You can bare your honest agenda and still arrive at a fair decision about what’s best for you and the group.

Whether it’s your virtual book club, work happy hour or roller skating league, finesse your way to accord by revealing what it is you really think.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The decision-maker has entered the room when Mercury drifts into Libra on August 29/30th. For two months, you’ve got the faculties of fairness to balance competing needs, gather agreement around a new brain child or launch, and draft the memo that gets everyone on the same page.

On September 26/27th, Mercury begins its three week retrograde through your visible sphere. Revise any slogans or sentiments that feel off, especially if they’ll be mounted on a virtual cork board or sent in an “allstaff” email.

This tour backwards is also a tour inward on October 9th. Guidance on how to proceed arrives in the form of inner dialogues and downloads. What’s the best way to strike accord with folks that still aligns with your personal goals?

Indecision is a perpetual manifestation of self doubt. It arises when we’ve minimized our own needs in the face of others’. Yet, what the higher-ups actually need is your swift verdicts. Let the blindfold of apprehension slip. This is when true insight arises. Take your place as the dispenser of good decisions folks can rally behind.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On August 29/30th, Mercury breezes into Libra like a wind ready to steer your ship towards destinations you’ve long considered.

Intellectual curiosity is the starting point, but the destination is to harmonize the various rooms of your mind exploration. Rather than spitting fires to make your point, you smooth talk your way into the hearts of agreement. Your approach is measured and convincing.

Starting September 26/27th, Mercury’s retrograde inserts a surprise layover. An interlude of delays and reroutes finds you as usual, but they could present internally, or in one of your myriad courses of study. Prepare for the pre-planned itineraries and syllabi to be tossed to the wind.

On October 9th, chart your own course forward if you clash with an agenda that doesn’t vibe with yours. Sometimes we need a little chafing to remind us where we stand.

Map out your pursuits to cross seas or ideologies, to learn something so startling you have no choice but to stumble. Getting jostled can be the sort of action that stirs you from your inertia, strengthens your resolve, and rights the instruments of your navigation.

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Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Mercury flies into Libra on August 29/30th sending out save-the-dates to the part of your life that involves entanglement. If the enchanted woods of collaboration and shared resources have grown too lush over the past two weeks, now is the time to clear the way with objective conversation.

You’ve got the word-mojo to restore equanimity to agreements you’ve made.

When Mercury goes retrograde at the end of September, it’s a reminder to review the contract of your investments, accounts and jointly-owned possessions. On October 9th, frustrations need to be voiced if the other party isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. Discord is unnerving when you’ve worked so hard to make everyone happy.

Yet, conflict is really an opening for authentic conversation. True harmony isn’t the result of stifled discontent, but of peeling back the layers to get to the heart of the matter. Draft a fresh agreement with new out-clauses. Room to grow in or out of partnership is freeing for all involved.

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