Horoscopes for the Sun in Libra, 2021


From September 22nd – October 22nd, the Sun warms through Libra, marking the pivot from Summer to Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter to Spring in the South. This is one of two days per year where night and day find equilibrium, where the Sun and Moon preside over even palaces of time. (The word “equinox” literally means
“equal night” in Latin.) 

With support between the Sun and Saturn on September 29th, there’s an everlasting quality to the works you partake in, with value placed on durability and integrity, not simply the decorative facade.

While in Libra, the Sun will jumpstart two planetary cycles: the Mars cycle on October 7th, followed by a new Mercury cycle on October 9th. A fresh cycle begins when a planet passes into the heart of the Sun, a special conjunction known as a cazimi. This moment heralds fresh starts, heroine’s journeys, and missions.

As Libra season continues, we pivot from jubilant exchanges to deep probes and excavations. Of course, the Libra Sun’s answer to these competing urges involves striking a balance between all extremes.

Your Sun in Libra horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Eliza Robertson.

Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

When the Sun enters Libra, it emblazons the message: you are not alone. As impressive as your spunk and self-reliance may be, it can actually be a cheat to rely on your steely autonomy all the time.

Sometimes it’s braver to ask for help. What’s bravest of all isn’t mind-mapping contingency plans, or fortifying yourself with a protective chainmail of cynicism, but trusting that other people will actually come through.

A quest reveals itself on October 7th. It involves a close friendship, collaboration, or romantic love. A fresh chapter or journey is seeded here, in the intimate gap between two, where you doff your breastplate and open yourself to the real vulnerability of being loved, and thus possibly hurt, by another soul.

Two days later, on October 9th, you unearth a vital clue or revelation about your ability to partner. Where are you hesitant to give your full weight to another person? Where are you ready?

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Between September 22nd and October 22nd, your focus swivels to how you spend your days: your work hours, your admin hours, the liminal hours of self- or home maintenance. Peeling carrots, sudsing the toilet, tweezing, jogging, the ritual hoisting of dumbbells.

Time is a countable thing, and it might serve you this Libra season to run an inventory on how much of it you invest in states of joyless urgency. Are you deferring pleasure until every task is complete? What if this sense of completion, another word for perfection, doesn’t exist?

The way you organize your days, and the pleasures you elbow room for, come up for review on October 7th. Here lies a call to do something different, to initiate changes that reorient your work and health flows over the next two years.

Around October 9th, you sense that there’s something more to glean. Maybe it’s a revelation about yourself and what you need to relax into something like acceptance or calm. Or maybe it’s the discovery of more effective modes of time management — not for some abstract claim on productivity, but so you can reserve more hours for activities that bring you joy.

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

From a dancer plugged into the toe box of their pointe shoe to the confabulation of bergamot and rose in a hand-blended perfume, balance is a quality we covet. As the Sun warms into Libra, you’re invited to find balance in your own pleasure rituals and works of art.

Balance involves constant testing and tempering: cooking by sound and smell, by taste and adjustment. Which of your projects are asking to be opened up and sampled? How are you discovering pleasure through the surprising symmetry of things?

Stay alert to the revelations that nudge through over the coming weeks, especially around October 7th and 9th. A fresh mission is unfurling in relation to your fertility and creativity. The information you receive now contains secret code words, mantras, and spells to propel you along your path.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

No matter where you live in the world, the Sun’s entrance into Libra marks a balance between the Sun and candlelight hours. For you, this dappled glow falls on your family and homestead.

If conversations with parents or relatives have felt unfinished, you have the opportunity now to see matters from a freshly measured perspective. Sometimes all you need is a bath or a walk to recalibrate.

A novel mission in your home or family life reveals itself around October 7th. There will be challenges to conquer, unprobed rabbit holes to tumble down, and labyrinthine riddles to unlock, but you have all the vigor of someone on the cusp of a new adventure.

Come October 9th, chats at home seed downloads of information. Maybe you learn a few hacks from an elder, like how to revive cut flowers with hot water or sharpen your kitchen scissors with tin foil, or maybe you’re gleaning more intricate webs of story, including those that inform your personal mythology.

This is a time to replenish the cups of tea on your ancestral altar, to record your grandparents’ stories, to dig out the family albums, listen, and take notes.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

While you’re someone who communicates with natural grace and attunement to others, the ratio between listening and self-expression can easily veer off-course.

Between September 22nd and October 22nd, consider watching the clock on your next phone conversation. How much time do you spend speaking or itching to speak? When confronted with more robust or insistent personalities, do you amplify your voice or make yourself small?

Around September 29th, you unlock the ability to transfigure the world through the vows, prayers, and pillow-talk you share with your dearest ones. Yet, watch your tendency to ornament your words. Your truth needs no adornment.

Valuable information pushes through on October 9th. Listen meticulously around this time. Should you find yourself at the site of a significant aha moment: take notes.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

You might be someone who color-codes their bookshelf or arranges their tomes in alphabetical order. Indeed, balance and symmetry could be modes through which you feel safe, especially when it comes to material stores.

On the one hand, you never forget to pay back a friend who lends you money. On the other, when folks fail to mirror your fastidiousness, it could usurp your sense of security.

Libra season brings with it an invitation to find balance, but on occasion, this might involve checking your own tendencies to micromanage, spreadsheet or control. Starting October 7th, you enter a fresh phase of honoring your talents and skills, which are more precious than your tangible assets, yet far more slippery to count.

Two days later, your evolving relationship with material security delivers fresh insights. These nest eggs of information may arrive in the form of tricks, hacks and facts gleaned from other people, but the wisdom could just as easily arise from the groundswell of your own inner-knowing.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

It’s that time of year where the Sun anoints you with its most flattering mood lighting, where your indecision gets recognized for the thoughtfulness at its root, and compromise is rebranded as a win-win, rather than a concession.

Yes, you want people to get along, but it’s more than keeping the peace between warring parties. Lady Justice wields a sword as well as a pair of scales, and you’re prepared to take action when the situation calls.

Whatever you’re jousting for, whatever you’re measuring against the weight of your own heart, you cross a threshold on October 7th. At this time, a brand new heroine’s journey unfurls, one that demands you to be crisp and conclusive sometimes, even at the risk of rupturing the fabric of social graces.

Exquisite pearls of information find you two days later, when Mercury inaugurates a new cycle in the heart of the Sun. Craft a dream net for your ideas; whisper your plans into voice memos; scribble revelations onto takeout napkins. There’s much wisdom to be gleaned, yet plenty of it comes from trusting your own muscle memories and instincts.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

When the Sun enters Libra, it lights a candle for the half-formed brainchildren you’re not yet ready to hatch in the radiance of day.

On the one hand, the Sun in this secluded corner of your chart provides an incubation chamber, where you’re cosseted with the photosynthetic warmth to tend your hatchlings in private. On the other, this backroom is known for its poltergeists. It will be tempting to bask in the forgiving dark of what you don’t care to perceive.

Libra season is a time for balance, and your work now is to identify the equilibrium between competing impulses: to ruminate vs. repress, to observe vs. pretend you don’t notice. To bear witness to your own processes, no matter how grizzly or gruesome.

These practices enter a new phase on October 7th, when you’re initiated into the verdant realm of your imagination, which has the capacity to make monsters of shadows at the same time it feeds your schemes. A vital clue arrives two days later, but you’ll need to read the subtext and silences. When discerning between sources of information, don’t discount dreams.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Friendships provide a ballast for you, a way to temper your exuberance and share your unsinkable spirit. The Sun in Libra revitalizes your energy for this communion with near and far people, even if the rooms you’re brightening remain digital for a little while longer.

It’s your sense of humor that makes you so lovable as a friend. Your bouts of (not always situation appropriate) laughter are contagious and reassuring, especially in sticky situations, where you tend to insist on hope over cynicism.

The dreams you’re brooding for the collective enter a fresh stage of emergence on October 7th. This process is not without its barbs or barnacles, but you possess the intellectual litheness to swivel between the obstacles and stay your course.

If ever there was a day to invite your pals for banana bread, tea and an impromptu think tank, it’s October 9th, when information awaits in the wending hedgerows of dialogue with friends.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The Sun whispers through Libra from September 22nd – October 22nd, activating the side of you that feels most at-home in a three-piece suit with peak lapels.

Despite the Head Witch In Charge energy you exude from the sheer force of your work ethic, you’re not actually here to boss folks around. One talent that emerges in your career is your ability to mediate. This is exactly the skill the Libra Sun plans to foster.

An opportunity to reimagine your mission statement arrives on October 7th. You could be embarking on a new path around this time, or rethinking your end goals. There’s a chance your target will feel more diffuse, or that you grow so preoccupied with how others are impacted by your decisions, you lose track of your own will.

Come back to what stirs you. Crucial intel arrives on October 9th, and it could include the encouragement you need to stride forward.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The sign of Libra coincides with your place of self-expansion, and as the Sun warms into this sign on September 22nd, it rinses your inner temples and libraries with halcyon light.

The Libra Sun kindles your wanderlust — these could be treks of a literal sense, with you transplanting yourself in different time zones and terrains, or it could be a roaming of the mind, an urge to expose yourself to untapped knowledge and mysteries.

A call to adventure snags your attention on October 7th. You may be embarking on a literal expedition around this time, a course of study, or crossing a threshold along your spiritual path. This heroine’s journey will come with its labors, but whatever golden apples you swipe or three-headed dogs you wrestle, it’s all part of your growth.

Pack your notebook, for crucial epiphanies and aha-moments light up your mind on October 9th.

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Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Between September 22nd and October 22nd, the Sun pours its low-slanting light in the corner of your chart where you share yourself with others. This is a place of intimate exchange, where you divulge chosen mysteries and receive whispers from others, but also where you share more tangible concerns, such as Splitwise bills.

This time of year marks the balancing between light and dark, shadow and seen parts. You’re equipped with extra lucidity right now to navigate the seam between yours and theirs, whether that involves the heft of past experiences, emotions, or baggage of a material kind.

A fresh cycle begins here on October 7th: one which renews itself every two years. Where does your will dovetail with another’s and where does it chafe? How are you learning to navigate such precious entanglements?

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