Horoscopes for the Week of May 31st

This week is an astrological oasis in the desert of eclipse season.

Fill your cup.

Last week’s lunar eclipse on the south node asked us to empty out, confront a shadow, and come face to face with the fears that take up too much space.

After that kind of excavation, it’s imperative that we let the love in. Any process of purification requires a good rinse.

This week we have a wellspring of planets in water signs. Water soothes, cleanses, relaxes, hydrates, and replenishes. When a guest arrives at our door, the first thing we do is offer them a refreshment.

This week, do the same for yourself.

On Monday May 31st, Mars in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. A watery warrior isn’t necessarily one who acts quickly, but this astrology isn’t about velocity as much as it’s about being a voluminous dreamer.

Idealism leads the way.

When feeling out where you ultimately want to go, what you want to create, and all that you want to experience, fantasize freely. Let action follow inspiration.

Later in the week, Mars will meet a worthy and underworldly opponent: Pluto. A power struggle will ensue, but for now, best to use the beginning of the week to do right by your visions by making heartfelt moves towards

On Wednesday, June 2nd and until June 26th, Venus will be in Cancer. This transit reminds us from the very beginning that connection is the ultimate gift, care is our greatest currency, and affection is the glue that holds us together.

Venus in Cancer encourages us to gather with loved ones and make sure they know that, blood or not, they are family. The part of our chart that contains Cancer is endowed with these kinds of reunions in June.

On June 3rd, two helpful aspects aim to brighten our week and lift our spirits.

The Sun in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius: with a newly retrograde, and therefore very slow Saturn, the Sun has an anchor it benefits from. In this set-up, Saturn offers the Sun a sturdy, sensible, well-structured plan.

With Mercury retrograde (also in Gemini), this kind of solidity is soothing to say the least. This aspect can act like a momentary clean up crew. It gathers us and reminds us how to handle Mercury’s retrograde mess.

Not to be outdone, one of the sweetest astrological setups we can experience follows suit. As Venus in Cancer trines Jupiter in Pisces, we receive a downpour of delights. Sweetness is what Venus is after, maximalism is what Jupiter can’t help but engender.

Like candy strewn about from a float in a parade, Venus x Jupiter distributes their offerings far and wide.

The part of our charts that contain Cancer and Pisces will be blessed by this abundance, but any planet or point in the first 2° of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces will be given an especially sweet set-up.

On Saturday, June 5th Mercury (now very retrograde) makes its second of three squares to Neptune. Brain fog increases and firm plans disintegrate all too easily. This is the worst of the Mercury retrograde, however. Stay with what works, try not to introduce new and possibly destabilizing systems into the mix, and take life one wave at a time.

Mars also opposes Pluto on Saturday. Heavy is how Pluto plays — also dirty. Unearthing power dynamics is a Plutonian practice, as is understanding how we’ve harmed and been harmed in the process of them.

Up against this underworldly force, Mars seeks out ways to win. It may be against all odds or even against our best interest. With this aspect we want to be mindful of the battles we engage in. They’re unlikely to be quick or to result in a clear-cut triumph.

It’s more complicated than that.

The name of the game is pay-to-play, and it’s a hefty price for winners and losers alike. The weekend might finish up with us a little deeper in our feelings than we’d bargained for — take in the good when and where it finds you.

It is eclipse season after all

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Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

The week begins by encouraging you to believe that you can rebuild your life from the ground up with a wish and a little elbow grease. As Mars trines Neptune, you’re encouraged to dream a bigger, wider, or more compelling dream about the place you call home — and then move toward that vision with fierce determination.

If you want it, love it into being

On Wednesday, June 2nd Venus enters Cancer, reinforcing the need to nestle in. Here until June 26th, you are primed to fluff, fold and make your abode beautiful, alluring, and receptive to all you want to nurture.

Followed up by a generous helping of home decor delights, Venus then makes a trine to Jupiter on Thursday. This signature boosts your ability to appreciate your roots, lineages, and ancestry. Even if not born of a blood tie, those that have handed you a torch can be counted on as angels waiting
in your wings.

Don’t hesitate to ask your people for help, assistance, and even comfort. Whether that’s about picking up your phone or sending out a prayer, know that you are from a long line of spirits that support what it is you want to sprout.

On Saturday, Mercury (now retrograde) makes its second of three squares to Neptune. Like water spilling onto important papers, sentiments, instructions, and details get blurry and hard to decipher. Because Mars is also opposing Pluto this day, take note of the muck that miscommunication
lands you in.

Deep feelings surface. They do so not to punish, but to be purified. Soak in soothing waters when your system gets too tight or when the unearthing results in a muddy mess. You do have to get dirty to do this work, but don’t forget that you also get to rinse off and refresh.


Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

The week begins with an inspiring message to go forth and follow your dreams. A downpour of cute texts, tweets, and love notes from your fans follows. Be they strangers or your nearest and dearest, folks are willing to go out of their way to offer you affirmation.

Return the kindness

With Venus entering Cancer on Wednesday, and making a trine to Jupiter on Thursday, mid-week feels like you are winning the affection lottery. More inclined to reach out and help, those that surround you offer a loving cocoon that enshrouds you in many pleasure-filled exchanges.

If you didn’t receive it as a young(er) person, the week reminds you that finding love and fostering it, however and wherever you can, is the miracle cure to loneliness. It’s not about being popular, or the most successful human in the room. It’s about being the kind of person that centers care and connection.

It’s also about being the kind of person that doesn’t shy away from difficult exchanges or understanding a conflict from its source.

On Saturday, as Mars also opposes Pluto, it asks you to confront a dynamic that gets in the way of you being able to experience reciprocity. Maybe it’s a pattern that was set long-ago with a sibling, cousin, or neighborhood kid.

Wherever it’s from, or whatever the reason, if a deeply ingrained communication issue has you locked in a power struggle, try not to freeze in shame or despair. It might get messy to untangle crossed wires so deeply entrenched in your relationships, but this work will help to unclog a truth that got stifled along the way.


Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

As the week opens up, you get more than one nudge to envision all the ways income can ideally stream towards you.

The refreshment that your resources, assets, and talents are receiving hydrates what’s been overly parched. As your material life gets a boost, consider how you can reinvest the excess back into the development of your gifts.

As Venus makes a trine with Jupiter, it gives you permission to dream bigger dreams for your public offerings and connect to the mentors and teachers that help you do so. You don’t have to want to be in the limelight, but the fruits of your labor are gearing up to steal the show.

This combination also reminds you of the principles of generativity — your talents aren’t a scarce resource. They’re abundant in what they can achieve, who they can help, and how they can be of service in the world.

Confront the fears that say otherwise.

By the week’s end you’ll need to. As Mars opposes Pluto, some sentiment about scarcity and competition is unearthed. Unpacking what comes up helps you understand more deeply the issues that lay at the heart of your collaborative processes.

When you know what it is you fear losing, you’re better equipped to keep it in perspective and not let it interrupt what is unfolding.


Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

This week sends blessings. Some will be a sprinkling, others a downpour, but either way, you will be well-served to show up with an empty cup.

Let your coffers be filled.

In fact a plan for the overflow will help you save reserves for less fortunate times. When verbal compliments come to you, write them down in a journal, put emails of praise in a file marked “pick-me-ups”, or screenshot a text you receive that sends your heart soaring.

Review them in times of need or moments of doubt.

As Venus spends most of June in Cancer, you’re gifted with a little extra ease connecting with others. Time spent getting pampered or having brunch with your besties delivers delights that shouldn’t be underestimated.

As Venus trines Jupiter on Thursday, it sends support from far and wide. Intrigued by destinations that until recently seemed out of reach, Jupiter beckons you to stretch your horizons. You’re primed for experiences that have you reconsidering how small you’ve been playing.

It’s time to expand.

Keep your ego humble, but let your spirit bloom into the places you’ve been

Just to balance the ease with a little grit, Mars (also in Cancer) opposes Pluto on Saturday. Asking you to get in the ring with your abandonment issues, this mud-slinging moment unearths emotions in their rawest form.

It may ask you to feel the shame and the complicated rage that accompanies the betrayals you’ve survived — but doing so will help you build the bonds you need and deserve with far more clarity.


Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

Loneliness is an excruciating fate. Isolation, a tremendous weight on the soul. Feeling unworthy of human connection, praise, and reception is a natural outcome of trauma and wounding, but it’s also a healable hurt.

This week sends infusions of hope to the parts of you that may have lost it somewhere along the way. A sweetness slips under the basement doors of your psyche and embraces what has been braced in fear of abandonment.

As Venus spends most of June in Cancer, it wants to be your cure for melancholy. It wants to help remind you that it’s never too late to expand beyond an old feeling, memory, or inheritance. In fact, it’s your duty to do so.

There’s plenty to say about the social engagements that go awry for you this Mercury retrograde, but by Thursday the friends that act like bridges in your life help you connect the dots. Those you can bet on, count on, and go to when you need a sounding board, are your anchor. Reach out to them over the

If you end up unmoored by some emotion, memory, or feeling, remember who your people are, and that you are not alone. Call a friend who never fails to pick up and practice being one in return.

Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

This week, blessings flow to you through your friends, networks, and colleagues. Visions of the future you want to build together sail upon the streams of your affection. There’s no better time to proclaim your love for those that drench you in theirs.

This hydration comes at a moment of extremes. Between eclipses and during a slippery Mercury retrograde that marks your professional life with pivotal turning points, this rest-stop feels like a reward for the hard work you’ve put in and will continue to invest.

Celebrate the pleasure of being connected with the ones that not only love you, but also know how to protect you. Friendships are as fragile as any other relationship in our lives. Taking for granted someone’s loyalty can often lead to a fray in the fabric of your connection.

Do what you can to care for the fibers that interweave between you.

By week’s end, Mars opposes Pluto, unearthing a dynamic that needs extra attentiveness. If exchanges feel a little more charged, slow down and unpack the feelings that come with them.

Eclipse season can infuse the simplest of interactions with friction that may or may not be about you, but ignoring the impact of receiving such an exchange doesn’t do you any good. If you intuit a strange power play erupting in your vicinity, you’re probably on to something.

When others try to project onto you what they can’t claim in themselves, be it power, beauty, brilliance, or their least likeable qualities, it doesn’t help them if you allow it. Kindly and firmly refuse to be anyone’s dumping ground.


Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

In this window between eclipses, the cosmos conspires to lift up your work and help it set sail. Vocational dreams take center stage and you’d be wise to become their biggest fan and cheerleader.

As Mars in Cancer gets infused with Neptune’s intoxicating idealism, it spurs you into making a move towards your professional paragons. Let this inspire you to discover untapped reserves of gumption so you can burn through any webs of doubt you tend to get caught in.

Venus follows suit when it enters Cancer mid-week, imbuing your professional endeavors with an undeniable charm and a quality that the right people find irresistible. Pleasure is this planet’s aim and by Thursday, this sentiment is in overdrive.

Giving your projects a make-over, fussing affectionately over their details, and showering those you work alongside with praise and gratitude creates an even greater abundance of opportunities.

By the weekend, however, the party takes a turn. As Mars comes into an opposition with Pluto, you are left wondering which of your professional lives or projects need to come to a close, which need to undergo a major transformation, and which interactions have a power dynamic too toxic to touch.

Respect your opponents’ skills, but don’t let your spirits be dampened by them.

None of this changes the good luck you’re also a recipient of. In fact, the contrast helps you appreciate both the sand and pearls of the moment.


Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You are treated to a mini spa moment between the two eclipses. Gifted with an all access pass to the treatments that center pleasure, the bulk of this week encourages you to spend extra time in the pools that replenish and inspire.

Right now, the philosophies that center pleasure are your ticket to new horizons. Get to the galleries, museums, and classes that help you connect with histories that might otherwise get obscured.

Attune yourself to the creators that know how to speak to the senses and care for the inner artist in us all. Spend time soaking in the splendor of your favorite works of art. Let the songs that affirm your humanity float to the top of your playlists. Make a ritual out of beautifying your bookshelf.

By the weekend a financial situation or discordant discussion sends ripples of discontent across your ponds. If you’re challenged by an out of balance viewpoint or a spreadsheet that makes no sense, reconsider how you are doing business or who you are trying to convince.

You might notice that you are better served to press pause on a collaborative project or reconsider whether spending your precious energy arguing with trolls on the internet or irl is worth it (it isn’t).


Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The benefits of being at the right place at the right time have nothing on being at the right place, at the right time with all your work done and ready to offer others as proof of their investment in you.

Which is exactly what happens this week.

Fleeting but powerful, this post lunar eclipse/pre-solar eclipse moment offers you blessings. The abundance that finds its way to you comes through your collaborators, funders, and fairy godmothers alike.

This week may also help you to see the value in what you’ve inherited, or how to make use of what your lineage offers. We can’t change the past or who we come from, but we can always seek to be in relationship with the richness and complexity of our root systems.

With Jupiter in Pisces, washing the wounds of your earlier life, dressing them, and seeking a soothing salve, is far easier, or at least more available than usual.

Avenues of healing are opening up to you — a wealth all its own.

By the week’s end, your understanding of this work deepens. A tussle, struggle, or disconcerting dynamic in your collaborations comes into focus. This moment asks you to scratch below the surface of your dealings to sort through the feelings that come up when trust wavers.

The gifts you were offered earlier in the week survive this storm, and what is left in its wake is an abiding appreciation of the ones that have no strings attached.


Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This week brings you the blessing of connection. At this point between eclipses, your beloveds become a rest-stop. Through your partnerships, so much sweetness flows. The stronger the container you’ve built together, the more of this deluge you can catch.

Fill up

The unions in your life that are flimsy will show their leaks and spills quickly. Focus on the partnerships that know how to both dance in the rain and make use of its fertile properties with you.

With Venus in Cancer for most of June, your relationships become a home for many new hatchlings. Some will delight, some will overwhelm, some will show you how to be a better caretaker of all you want to usher into existence.

As Mars, also in Cancer, carves its way into your weekend, it unearths a sharp feeling or a divide-and-conquer kind of attitude. Be a thoughtful observer of any shifts that occur. Instead of taking it personally, investigate the root causes of troubling behaviors.

Doing so will not only exorcise a demon or two, but also build the trust that engenders the depth you yearn for — that is, if both parties are down for the cause.


Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

This post-eclipse week sets you up with stellar meetings, pitches, and sweet deals in the making. Monday through Friday, you are knocking it out of the park and having the kind of luck with your professional projects that only begets more.

Try not to take it for granted.

Like all things in life, good astrology has an expiry date. As you consider the kind of growth you want to experience in regard to your livelihood and in terms of the skills that help you build a business, be specific without being restrictive.

These days want to help you expand your reach and your material reality, and they’ll throw many possibilities your way to see what sticks.

Make sure you want the specifics of the deal before you say yes to it. Interrupt the thought process that tells you you have to take the first offer that comes.

By Saturday, the vibe gets prickly. Cutting into your ambition is a power dynamic or professional situation that sets you on edge.


Whether or not it’s an actual external threat, or an internal response that sets your alarm bells off, there is intel here you want to get to the bottom of.


Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

This week, we are in between eclipses: eclipses that are for the most part impactful for you. Highlighting your work in the world and how you build a home, these power surges see you making important updates and renovations to your inner and outer life.

This part of the year marks a turning point for you.


This week wants you to play like a school kid on summer vacation with enough change to buy what you want at the corner store and all the kids in the neighborhood by your side.

Run amok.

Your homework is to focus on what’s fun, fills your cup, and what reminds you that you’re worthy of the endless oceans of compassion you extend to others.

Your creative projects thrive under these conditions. Your romantic feelings flourish. The children in your life remind you to stop taking yourself so seriously and to instead revel in the sweetness of any and all freedoms you’d usually forsake for your responsibilities.

Then Mars opposes Pluto

The scene change that happens over the weekend takes you from the roaring waves of the beach to mud puddles that you need to stomp in.

Even, maybe especially, in play, children are always working out their issues. If power dynamics erupt, listen in, but don’t forget the power of doing so with a light heart and a mind that’s compassionate, critical, and fair.

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