Horoscopes for Venus in Leo


Venus in Leo is sass and sequin, bravado and big hair, grace and grandiloquence. This season though? Venus’ strut through Leo from June 26th/27th to July 21st has the air of a boxing ring walk. 

With draconian Saturn in Aquarius, flag-burning Uranus in Taurus, and aggressively-maned Mars in Leo, the fixed signs are the site of a major gridlock. When Venus waltzes into the fray at the end of June, it’s not clear whether the “lesser benefic” comes bearing bandaids or boxing gloves. 

On the one hand, Venus wants to soothe and reconcile. On the other: between Venus’ opposition to Saturn on July 6th, its square to Uranus on July 8th, and its conjunction with Mars on July 13th, Venus has its own fetters to wriggle free from. In a proud sign like Leo, hitched to an inflamed temper like Mars, Venus sets off a few fireworks.

Venus rules love, pleasure and beauty, and these parts of your life could get thorny as Venus presses through these trials. Ego reactions and diva moments will abound, but they may not help diffuse tension. When it comes to your relations, your art, and your pleasures, see if you can harness this heat toward constructive or life-affirming channels.

following horoscopes highlight how Venus in Leo will bestow bottle rockets and roses in your own life. For more on Venus in the sky, and in your chart, download the CHANI app.

Your Venus in Leo horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Eliza Robertson.


Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

Venus in Leo beams the Glamlite on you and your creative quests. ‘Tis the season to post lip-syncing TikToks, to dust the cobwebs off your manuscripts-in-progress, and to boogie like a Bird of Paradise in a courtship dance. 

With Venus pitching into the fixed-sign fray with Saturn, Uranus and Mars, however, you may need to don your wrestling singlet. While Venus’ opposition to Saturn on July 6th brings activities to a crunching halt, the tripwire from Uranus two days later will upend business as usual.

Mars in Leo will add heckling and lighter fluid, and when Venus joins the red planet on July 13th, things could get flammable. (Though in your house of pleasure, this heat might be steamily redirected.) 

Expect creative blocks; expect lovers’ squabbles; expect bombast, and expect to blaze through anything holding you back.


Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Venus smolders into Leo on June 26th/27th, your ruling planet gets rebranded. The grace-spinning, rose-plucking, chocolate-nibbling paramour of the solar system swaps its pearls for a marabou boa. Venus in Leo doesn’t do understatement — especially not while dancing in the crosshairs with Mars, Saturn and Uranus.

While Leo may bring a light touch (and touch of gloss) to family or home matters, things could get sticky around July 6th, when Venus opposes schoolmarm Saturn in your career sector. 

Maybe a boss is breathing down your neck, or maybe you’re frothing with your own urgency of what needs to get done. Work and home demands could feel inimical right now, stretching you in opposite directions. 

When Venus squares off with Uranus two days later, there’s a chance you’ll want to smash through any barriers or glass ceilings keeping you stuck. While you’ve likely been experiencing this rebel energy for a while, Venus in Leo will lend you the sass and spunk to launch your own pièces de résistance. 


Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Venus cruises Leo from June 26th/27th to July 21st, blazing your news feeds with all the hottest gossip. Whatever writing, speaking or learning ventures you tend on the side, Venus polishes your words with gold-tongued charisma.

Starting around July 6th, Venus saunters into the ring with Saturn, Uranus and Mars in the fixed signs. Not just there for eye candy, Venus blows gold dust and chili powder onto the melee. On the one hand, your exchanges may need this comic relief. On the other: words remain charged and barbed.

Whatever spikes get exposed in your communications, Venus wears them on a leather collar. The words you hurl will linger after the smoke clears; be judicious about which social media bin fires you wade into. 


Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

The planet of love and adornment will flame through Leo from June 26th/27th until July 21st, dusting off your costume jewelry and gold trinkets. Leo represents your treasure chest and piggy bank: the corner of your chart where you earn and splurge. 

Under normal circumstances, Venus wants you to treat yourself with all the sparkle and splendor you can rationalize to your monthly budget. This season though, the circumstances are far from “normal.” 

Starting around July 6th, Venus will surf into the turbulence of Mars, Saturn and Uranus in fixed signs. This is Part II of this year’s gnarliest astrology, and Venus arrives at the ring, wrists taped and ready to rumble. For you, the fracas could manifest as tension between what’s yours and what you share with other people. 

Venus will collude with hot-headed Mars on July 13th, goading you to roll high. Meanwhile Saturn, the IRS auditor of the season, glowers from the other side of the sky. Risks could come with a hefty reality check. This is a time to dream wild, but sleep on any major decisions, especially if they concern your savings.


Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

While the sun is always your greatest accessory, the glow that surrounds you just got more honeyed. From June 26th/27th – July 21st, Venus will swan through Leo, fluffing your mane or peacock feathers. ‘Tis the season to play dress-up, take selfies as a devotional act, and get shameless with your adornments.

However, this isn’t your usual golden hour. Starting around July 6th, Venus will slip into the scrimmage between Mars, Saturn and Uranus in fixed signs. On the one hand, Venus may offer an analgesic balm for the bruises garnered so far. On the other: Venus in Leo is no demure damsel, and that balm may turn to habanero sauce.

As Venus and Mars intertwine around July 13th, you are the throne of significant heat. Watch your ego reactions, especially in dynamics you share with others. With the current astrology, you can expect your crown to get jostled. The test is to respond with tact, if also firmness. Compassion, if luminous self-respect. 

Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

From June 26th/27th until July 21st, Venus pussyfoots through the corner of your chart you tend to keep shielded behind a silk screen. Venus in Leo is effulgent, slinking up to the party in cat eyes and gold lamé. For you, the silk screen diffuses this Leo light, but it provides the ideal conditions for shadow play.

The fixed signs have been highly charged of late, and while this tension reaches your chart from off-center, the pressure could have you tossing and turning. On the one hand, Venus offers a soothing ointment, hushing the inner static long enough for you to catch a catnap. On the other, Venus may reach the end of this period with its mane extensions singed. 

The thoughts churned up likely stem from your own mechanisms of self-interference, rather than your environment. That doesn’t make the turbulence any easier to subdue, but self-flagellating only worsens the problem.

Instead, get regal about your personal care regime. Pamper yourself. Neutralize the unhelpful thoughts with radical acts of self-love.


Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Venus mooches into Leo from June 26th/27th to July 21st, spattering honey and hot sauce onto your friendships and community dynamics. Venus in Leo tends to favor flash over self-effacement, and this could be a time to make a statement with friends, showing up to the parade or protest with extravagant papier-mâché props. 

While the dress code for Venus in Leo is always Fabulous, this season, Venus dons a cape and superhero spandex. The first showdown will be with straitlaced Saturn around July 6th, instilling friction between your personal pleasures and the ways you connect with your covens and social groups. 

When Venus catches up to Mars on July 13th, dynamics with friends could feel extra prickly. Tread gently around this time. Be soft to yourself and other people. Sometimes thorns only exist to protect things of great beauty; consider the rose, for example. 


Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Venus will shimmy into Leo on June 26th/27th, adding both grace and gumption to your professional life. When it comes to balancing career with home and relationships, you may feel like you’re dancing on pigeon spikes. While Venus will lend you radiance, drawing others to your glow, the fixed signs remain a site of turbulence.

These growing pains will recur all year, but they could feel pronounced around July 6th when Venus opposes Saturn. If presented with a choice between pleasure and duty, or pride and humility, consider whether this dichotomy is a false one.

You’ll have to make choices, of course, but this is only Part II of an ongoing story. Preserve your energy. Mete out your trail mix and dehydrated stew packets for the months ahead. But also: don’t be ashamed to satisfy your needs in the current moment.


Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Venus flashes into Leo on June 26th/27th, lighting sparklers in the corner of your chart that rules intellectual expansion. Whether you’re sharing ideas with friends, mentors, or academic committees, Venus sprays a little splash and sparkle on your presentations, goading you to flaunt your knowledge. 

Venus represents the principle of attraction, and in ordinary circumstances, this transit may lure new teachers, traditions or adventures from the gold mosaic. All of this remains possible, but your relationship with wisdom traditions, and their keepers, is going through a trial by fire at the moment. 

Bombast will be pervasive and highly contagious. Ask subversive questions, but remember to apply the same healthy skepticism to your own adamant beliefs. 


Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

On June 26th/27th, Venus slides into Leo, gilding your collaborations and joint-ventures. Taken on its own, Venus sweetens the deals in this area, offering a gold nib fountain pen for you to sign on dotted lines. However, planets don’t tend to operate on their own. 

Venus’ tour through Leo will be studded with interference from Mars, Saturn and Uranus in the fixed signs. Around July 6th, your urge to hitch yourself to another person in love or business may stir up old fears around scarcity or independence. 

Committing yourself to a union requires you to relinquish some personal freedom. If you’ve learned self-reliance as a mode of self-defense, trusting someone else with your love, resources, or security, can feel sacrificial. 

And it is, in a way. But it’s also the birth of something new. Something shared. Something you can’t control. Like a rare-blooming orchid that sprouts under the most finicky conditions, that vulnerability is what makes it so precious.


Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Venus enters Leo on June 26th/27th, planting sunflowers in the corner of your chart that rules love and besottedness. Now, Venus is no doe-eyed princess — not in Leo, and not with Saturn, Mars and Uranus duking it out from the fixed signs. 

Starting with an opposition to Saturn on July 6th, Venus appears ringside with a quiver of arrows. The question remains: are the arrowheads laced with love potion or poison?

As Venus sidles up to Mars on July 13th, it could be a little of both. On the one hand, dynamics could get steamy between you and your paramours. On the other: you’ll need to practice fire safety to avoid spontaneous combustions. 

All this applies to your platonic and professional partnerships too. If your accomplices feel a little testy right now, don’t force the issue. The most compassionate response may be to give each other thick margins of space.


Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Venus scooches into Leo on June 26th/27th, reminding you to add pleasure to your work and health regimes. With Mars also in Leo for the last few weeks, a fire has been kindled under your rump, propelling you to complete your daily tasks. 

Whatever deadlines you’re bumping against, you may feel unceremonious urgency, even if you’re not sure where the momentum is headed. Venus reminds you to take that movement break, to snack on something that brightens your tongue, and to adorn your office with flowers or cheering colors. 

This season, Venus will need your help. Caught between a despotic mountain goat and an unruly cannon, the planet of love and pleasure has seen better hair days. Anxious or fearful thinking could get activated at this time, and it will be harder (and all the more crucial) to practice self-care. 

To interrupt the pattern: pamper yourself relentlessly. Have a stay-at-home spa day. Eat something ambrosial. Wear fabrics or ensembles that make you feel like a god/dess.

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