How Eating Cake Off The Floor Led This M*A*S*H Star To His Soul Mate

Food & Wine delved deep into Alda’s Wikipedia page, which says the actor crossed his future wife in 1956 when they attended various colleges. Sparks and ghosts flew at a rum cake party. This cake fell to the floor fatefully, and Alda and Weiss were apparently the only people who “hesitated to eat it”. A year later they were husband and wife.

Before yelling, “Don’t take Wikipedia’s word for it!” Don’t worry: we don’t have to. Alda confirmed the validity of this wiki story on Twitter and wrote: “We ate the rum cake from the floor and were inseparable afterwards. The table laughed at my jokes. She had me in Ha. “So cute, right? The Twitterverse could probably no longer agree, has liked the tweet nearly 180,000 times and retweeted well over 17,400 times. One follower wrote:” Since I read this story years ago, throw I’ve been putting cakes on the floor at dinner parties ever since. I haven’t had a single date. ”While another repeated the feeling and replied,“ Yeah, apparently I ruined my nephew’s first birthday. ”You may have to mash the cake on the floor, but please stay away from our cake.

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