Improvements and Mini Upgrades with Venus, Mercury and the Sun

After lunch, I noticed that the perennial hibiscus had finally bloomed in our garden. I planted this shrub three years ago in hopes of adding some late summer color to the garden. We moved overseas in the summer after planting and I never saw them in bloom.

This felt like a beautiful gift from the garden as the summer heat began to subside. And it felt like the perfect omen for the start of 2021 Venus in Libra Transit. Venus will be in Libra from August 16 to September 10.

I’ve written about Venus in Libra here and here, so dive into these blogs to learn more about this special, supportive, and stabilizing combination.

In early August, I announced to the members of the monthly astrology guide group that this week had brought a special combination of planets into their home signs that looked auspicious. (Not a member yet? Register today!)

The Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, and Venus in Libra

From August 16-22, we’ll have three of the fast-moving planets – Sun, Mercury, and Venus – comfortably in their home signs. In addition, the longer trend of Saturn in Aquarius (also a planet at home) continues.

Saturn in Aquarius speaks for longer trends that have a greater impact both personally and collectively, while the faster moving planets tackle more day to day and week to week.

A planet with dignity (the technical term for a planet that is in one of its home signs) can provide stability and help bring consistency to different areas of your life.

With three of the fast moving planets in such a state, it is possible that you will be able to organize, plan, and make arrangements that feel more manageable or sensible.

Sun in Leo

The sun in Leo can highlight the value of steady, consistent action and the importance of warm, uplifting environments, people, and interactions. This can help you establish a steady routine or rhythm around the themes of the Leo house in your horoscope. (Look at the house where the lion is at the top and the themes of that house.) The sun has been in Leo since late July, so you may already be in the process.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo can point you to a solution or the right resources to solve a problem. Technology, strategy and all types of business processes are generally further developed and can be improved, as are organizational systems and communication.

Mercury has a short visit to Virgo in 2021, so use the period from August 11th to August 30th to streamline, improve or update your systems and processes and to organize yourself, your space and your belongings in general. This cycle can prove especially helpful in updating and organizing your Gemini and Virgo home themes.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra highlights diplomacy and the power of partnership, as well as the importance of beauty, art and connection with peers / other people. Issues related to justice, fairness and equality can be highlighted.

When properly placed, Venus can point you to the little luxuries in life, as well as solutions or arrangements that are becoming more and more just or that everyone is comfortable with. A compromise might be possible, and a sticky situation might be smoother or easier to handle.

Venus in Libra can bring an improvement, win, or sweet encounter on any topic related to both your Taurus and your Libra house. More information about Venus in Libra – including a mini horoscope for Venus in Libra – can be found here.

All together now

Each of these planets will not necessarily change your life on their own. But together, over the next few days, you may be able to make a small improvement, change, or upgrade that will help you feel calmer and more stable, or help you move into a more consistent pattern for the future. A little tweak or two can make a big difference, and the next week is a great time to respond to the improvement or upgrade that you know will be beneficial.

While these cycles are relatively short – from just a few weeks to a month or so – the tweaks you make while being inspired and guided by the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, while touring one of their homeland signs, may well afterward persist these planets are moving to new places.

Time Lords and the Planets

If the Sun, Mercury or Venus is your current Time Lord or Firdaria ruler, so much the better. We are always particularly attuned to the current or transit state of one of the time masters or guiding planets that are currently influencing our lives.

When your planet of time lords moves to one of its dignified places, you too may find it easier to act from your best self. This can mean expressing your ideas, feelings, or views more clearly, taking responsibility for making sure your needs are recognized or met by others, or by working to nurture and develop the partnerships that you enjoy most importantly, at work or in your personal life. It could bring some success or a small win, or help you take action on a project or a matter close to your heart.

In short, as your guardian planet improves its heavenly state, you will be able to follow suit and improve or improve your experiences and situations here on earth.

What improvements, small changes, or mini-upgrades are you working on this week?

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