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In London, “Spiritual Gym” is a workout routine for the soul

Posted 11 hours ago

[Church of England] Once a week at 7:40 am, children on the way to school, office workers and all kinds of locals visit the Spiritual Gym at Marylebone Church in London.

The invitation to the Spiritual Gym is simple: a gospel reading, a time of silence and then the Eucharist. It attracts all ages for a time of calm reflection before work, school or whatever the day brings.

“We are good at thinking about our physical health,” said Rev. Jack Noble, assistant priest and school chaplain. “We are increasingly good at thinking about our sanity – but we are less good at our sanity. We wanted to help. “

The service went online during the lockdown and was an instant hit, with between 200 and 300 people from around the world, from Nigeria to the United States.

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