Lil Greenhouse Grill Offers Neo-Soul Meals That Make Guests Feel ‘Homey And Warm’ – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Lil Greenhouse Grill is a charming “Lil” eatery in the heart of Overtown, said managing partner Nicole Gates.

“Many wonder where you got the ‘Lil’ from. Well, it’s because we’re smaller than little, as you can see. It’s Lil, ”she said.

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With 35 seats inside, Gates and her co-partner chef Karim Bryant fill the small room with special details that make it cozy and warm.

The art is bespoke and made by Bryant’s uncle.

“We are actually a family-run restaurant and integrate the family as much as possible.”

And yes, green is everywhere.

“When we researched the restaurant, we found that green stimulates the appetite, which is why you see a lot of sage here. You will see a lot of green, ”she explained.

“Oh, that’s why I’m hungry,” joked Lisa Petrillo of CBS4.

As for the food? They call it Neo Soul, a healthy alternative to soul food.

“Soul food is derived from African American culinary culture, and often especially in the early days,” said Gates.

“Some of the dishes weren’t made healthier, with a lot of fat. We changed the recipes a bit, ”she added.

Lil Greenhouse Grill was recognized for its healthy options in early 2019.

They received surprise visits from the only Oprah Winfrey, her best friend Gayle King, and a CBS News crew as a promotion with Weight Watchers.

Now, Gates said she wants everyone to know how Overtown has flourished.

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“We want them to take away the fact that this is a viable community. It’s full of loving people, full of restaurants that are doing really well and companies that are doing well, ”she said.

“You are always welcome to come back and support our wonderful community,” she added.

Back in the kitchen, Bryant prepares the tasting dishes and accompanies Lisa Petrillo from CBS4 to the tasting. We start with the healthy breeding raised Salmon salad.

“We also get a fresh mix from the local hydroponics lab,” said Bryant.

“It’s a hot summer day and it’s a cold salad. Everything works. It’s delicious, ”said Petrillo.

Next up is a beautifully plated fried snapper with a side dish of cornbread and homemade pineapple chutney and homemade aioli.

“I love snapper,” said Bryant.

“I love the crunch. It has a little kick. It’s like a fun dish, but also a delicacy.

Really nice, ”said Petrillo.

Finally, their classic pork ribs are smoked with hickory and apple wood. It’s served with great side dishes that include mac and cheese and kale.

“I butcher them myself and season them,” said Bryant.

“I will get messy every day because of your ribs and your rubbing is insane,” said Petrillo.

“It just falls off the bone and you just want to have fun with it all day.”

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The Lil Greenhouse Grill is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For further information, click here.

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