Love Horoscope for the Week of August 16

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We start the week with Venus entering Libra on Monday. This is considered a strong place for Venus, and you may find that people’s attitude towards romance is a little less strict than it was when Venus was in Virgo. Venus in Libra It is certainly not a guarantee that you will be completely successful in all of your romantic endeavors, but it will certainly help. It stays there until September 10th so make sure you jump on that Venus in Libra love chariot before it invades Scorpio and things suddenly get very sexy and very serious. Mostly serious.

You may find that your thoughts are turning towards sex (even more than usual!) This week. Mercury conjunction Mars is exactly late on Wednesday night. It’s a good time to do some old-school dirty talk … and a bad time to email the boss angry. And maybe you find it hard to hold back your words because on Sunday Mars trine Uranus is accurate. It’s hard to show discernment when you’re convinced that the Zinger you came up with is so clever, isn’t it?

This aspect can create a lot of sexual tension, and if you play the relatively gentle Venus-in-Libra approach, your proposal can produce great results. This particular aspect favors exciting approaches to the physical side of your love life. Think of it this way: when Venus in Libra has a loving suggestion to spice things up a little, then Marstrine Uranus is there to bring the camera and the whipped cream.

Another factor that will increase your chances of romance this week is Sun opposite Jupiter, exactly on Thursday. We often overlook the sun’s role in love and romance – and the sun in Leo just can’t stand being “overlooked”. Nobody really likes that, but Leo likes the spotlight, and Jupiter is here to brighten it up a little. Bring the target of your affection forward on stage and tell him or her how shiny it is!

In fact, Sunday will be the greatest day of astrological activity in the recent past. We have a New moon in Aquarius. If you’re thinking, “Hey, haven’t we had one this year this year?” You’d be right. This takes place at 29 degrees Aquarius – the so-called “anaretic degree” of the sign. That makes it especially powerful … so put those intentions on what you want to change in your life in the next month and pull that trigger.

Finally the week ends with the Sun enters Virgo. Maybe now we can all finally simmer a little.

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