Love Horoscope for the Week of August 2

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I’ll be honest with you here, dear reader: this week’s romantic outlook is pretty mixed up. There are many aspects of Mercury that will screw up an otherwise very good time with Venus and Uranus. Fortunately, knowing what, where, when, and how to play your cards, maybe you can understand a bit of this clutter – or at least minimize the damage.

We start in the shadow of two things that were precise last Sunday. Sun conjunct Mercury may have messed up your thinking process and your ability to communicate clearly. and Mercury versus Saturn could cause uncomfortable thoughts. Additional to that Sun versus Saturn what exactly is on monday. This could also put a strain on your energy levels and lead to hurt egos. Have you ever tried to make yourself sexy when you have an injured ego? It’s not that easy.

All of this still applies on Tuesday, when Venus in the virgin trine Uranus is accurate. Virgo has a bit of a reputation for being shy and withdrawn, and a beautiful aspect of Uranus could prove to be just the touch of excitement a placement needs.

Unfortunately, Mercury can once again let things go wrong with new relationships or new approaches to love. The two planets that dominate the sex drive the most are Venus and Mars, both currently in Virgo … so both ruled by Mercury. At Tuesday evening, Mercury square Uranus is accurate. Even in other circumstances, Mercury Square Uranus would not be a particularly good time to start new conversations or establish your case with someone for a relationship. But with a Mercury that screwed up being responsible for the so-called “love planets”? Whatever it is you are falling into or rushing out of, you should be careful and use your head.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a relaxed Sunday after a week of general disruption? I’m sorry, but that too will be difficult for Heaven. There is a New moon in Leo. Usually, new moon is a great time to sit back and find out what changes you want to make in your life over the next month. But: this new moon occurs in a square close to Uranus in Taurus. That will make this new moon especially exciting.

So: the Venus-Uranus aspect could make it a great time to bring something into your love life with a little sexting. Unfortunately, given the thorough beating it takes for Mercury to take a week, the chances are very good you’re sending this to the wrong recipient anyway. And who will have to deal with THIS trouble at the next family reunion?

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