Love Horoscope for the Week of July 12

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Have you ever noticed that the descriptions of a planet’s best and worst placements often sound the same? For example: “Mercury in cancer can be sensitive, but also too sensitive”? I want to address this particular stereotype Mercury in cancer. You see, the planet that rules thought and communication has just stepped into the sign of the crab, and this comes with some specific warnings and some specific benefits.

This is especially important this week, because on Monday, Mercury trine Jupiter is accurate and will affect most of the week. If you have an emotional fence to mend with someone, now is a good time to come forward with an open heart and mind and make amends. However, this will also make people like emotional manipulation a little bit. This is important because the big love and romance aspect this week will be accurate on Tuesday and it will create many good times and much despair.

Have you noticed the past year and a half or something has been screwed up and people’s social connections have been messed up? Funny, I noticed that too. And now that people are being vaccinated and the restrictions are being lifted, the more likely than ever that a lot of people will go out and socialize, date and meet. And that’s great, don’t get me wrong. However, that particular urge to fuse may be a little too strong for some, and you may find yourself either howling like a dog or becoming another person’s unwanted target.

That’s because this week Venus conjunct Mars will be accurate. A Venus-Mars conjunction is always good for social activity and especially good for increasing your sex drive. However, when you combine the fact that so many of us are now crawling out of the rubble of 2020 and 2021, it’s understandable that some unwise decisions could be made along the way. Remember folks: don’t confuse sex with love. Don’t be pushy when someone says no. And in general, just don’t make a fool of yourself. This can be especially difficult because that the Venus-Mars conjunction is still in the square of Uranus, and that aspect is just going to make things a little crazier and a little stranger than usual. But hey, maybe you’ll have fun with it too.

Finally, if you are hoping to just roll the dice and accept what lies ahead, you should perhaps be a little careful. Towards the end of the week Solar trine Neptune and then Sun opposite Pluto will be in effect. Solar trine Neptune tends to make people a little blurry when it comes to assessing their limits. Sun versus Pluto makes people push through boundaries. Either way, you run the risk of taking someone too far just because you want luck, or they are with you. Be careful (and consensual!), Enjoy yourself, and use protection. And no, I don’t just mean “wearing a mask in crowded places” either.

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