Love Horoscope for the Week of July 19

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There’s something magical about love, isn’t it? And since this is a love horoscope, today I want to show you a little magic trick. Read on and by the end of that prediction it will all be revealed.

Most of the major astrological actions this week will be on Mercury. Granted, Mercury is better at thinking and talking about things than romance. But given that proper romance involves some form of communication, you need to pay attention to Mercury.

On Tuesday, Mercury sextile Uranus is accurate. This will give you some new insights and some potential to express your thoughts in new ways. This can be useful either to write a love letter or to organize your finances.

On Wednesday, Venus enters Virgo. Virgo has a bad rap when it comes to Venus-related matters, and that is unfortunate. We all know that Venus is sensitive and caring, as is Virgo. It’s just a shame that the Virgo happened to be parked across from the Pisces, which is the sign in which Venus is considered exalted. Venus in Virgo is a bit like that cute girl in glasses you had a bit of a crush on, but she was so shy that it wasn’t until 20 years later when you found her again on Facebook that you knew enough to react – and now she is married.

Oops. Did I just reveal something personal? My mistake.

Does that mean things are getting a little lame in your love life? Not at all. Continue reading. And please note that I have nothing up my sleeve.

On Thursday the Sun enters Leo, and for many this marks the beginning of the “party season”. Given the special circumstances we live in, you should probably be a little wary of your cockiness in 2021. Yes, I know that all of us are still crawling out of their caves, but not all of us have regained our eyesight yet.

Thursday is also the day on which Venus versus Jupiter is accurate. This aspect makes the whole week a good, fun, and flirty time to meet, greet, and socialize. However, if you want to keep your budget or diet under control, you’d better double your self-control. On Friday evening (Eastern Time) there is a Full moon at 1 ° Aquarius. Any full moon can make things a little crazy and weird, but a full moon in Aquarius has particular potential for added curiosity.

And now to the magic trick that Venus is performing this week:

Venus in Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Now go back and look at all of these aspects Mercury is getting this week. Surprise! Right: the shy high school girl is ready to party!

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