Love Horoscope for the Week of July 26

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Since we started the week with Venus breaking away from opposition to Jupiter and all the longing that can cause, some of you may just want to curse, turn the table and start a new game – romantically speaking. Of course, we can’t exactly flip the zodiac, but at least certain planetary energies will give us a chance this week to restart things one way or another.

There may not be many important aspects this week, but there are still many planetary activities that could affect your life in general and your love life in particular.

On Tuesday, Mercury enters Leo. Although Mercury is commonly associated with things like bookkeeping and communication, Mercury in Leo is actually potentially good news for your romantic life. That’s because Venus is in Virgo right now. Venus in Virgo is cute but has a reputation for being a bit of a wallflower. Mercury is the planet that rules Virgo, so Mercury invading Leo might give our dear girl a chance to get out of her shell a little. That being said, Mercury is still “communicating,” and that could mean playing your music too loud at 3am. Please think of the neighbors.

Jupiter is still retrograde and will reenter the sign of Aquarius on Wednesday. This could be an excellent time to expose yourself to new and interesting ideas. However, since Jupiter is apparently moving backwards, don’t invest too much of your free time and money in these new ideas unless you are sure they are a winner. Jupiter loves to spend money (literally or figuratively) and Aquarius likes new and shiny things that you may not be able to afford.

I often refer to Jupiter as an “amplifier”. Every planet he looks at tends to get louder and bolder. This is definitely the case with Mars versus Jupiter exactly on Thursday. Just as Venus’ opposition to Jupiter last week made you feel like your deep yearnings were not being fulfilled, Mars versus Jupiter could give you the urge to show off, get sexy, or just blow off some steam. But be careful: this includes the whole week and part of the next week.

Later on Thursday Mars enters Virgo. Mars in Leo had a reputation for being too showy or more interested in performance than results. Mars in Virgo has pretty much the opposite effect. Mars in Virgo values ​​technical know-how and efficient performance. I leave it up to you and your imagination what exactly this means for your sex life.

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