Love Horoscope for the Week of June 28

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There will be potential for many explosions this week, and unfortunately Mars in Leo is being blamed for that. That’s not entirely fair: just like a real Leo, Mars in Leo only attacks when hungry or provoked. And unfortunately, two main things happen this week that make Mars in Leo feel very hungry and very provoked.

We recently got the second of three exact hits from Saturn square Uranus. This aspect is the main reason why things and people seem to be having such a hard time pulling their acts together this year. Those of you familiar with the zodiac will realize that when Saturn is in Aquarius and it is square Uranus in Taurus, anything that goes through Leo will eventually be throttled by those two planets. That’s happening this week.

Valid for the whole week, even if it is exactly on Thursday Mars versus Saturn. This can be an especially difficult combination since Mars is the kind of planet that wants to speed things up and get things done, and Saturn is more at home with screeching brakes and restrictions. And if you hit the gas and brake at the same time, you probably won’t get anywhere else but making a hell of a stink with your tires. This opposition can lead to the sex drive being abused or messed up. And frankly, it’s likely to reduce many sex drives overall.

Mars versus Saturn is a really difficult aspect to deal with, even in a natal chart. But when it’s combined with the other big Mars aspect for the week, it can make things downright scary. On Saturday, while Mars is still in force versus Saturn, we get the exact hit from Mars square Uranus.

If the first aspect of Mars of the week was challenging and gritting and got you clenched your teeth, then Mars Square Uranus is almost like a pot that has been held in for too long and blows away. Please do your best not to provoke anyone and get ready to duck if someone angry approaches you.

I mentioned explosions at the beginning of this prediction, didn’t I? That’s partly because Sunday is July 4th. That is the day on which the most heavily armed country in the world comes out of its baffles and can party hard – on this occasion with the liberal use of explosives.

What could possibly go wrong?

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