Love Horoscope for the Week of March 29

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Do you ever get suspicious of hearing too much good news at once? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but overall this week’s transits are looking pretty good. And no, I haven’t forgotten the square of Saturn, Uranus. It’s just that this week is (relatively speaking) an island of peace. Maybe you should take advantage of that. And since we all have to spend the rest of the year in the shadow of that Saturn-Uranus aspect, we have to make hay while the sun is shining (as any decent farmer can tell you).

At the beginning of the week there are exactly two things that will make your connections with others work more smoothly. Late Monday evening we have Mercury in conjunction with Neptune. This can be a great time to find the right words, to make peace with an enemy, or to make things more peaceful with a friend. Keep in mind, however, that Mercury, when coupled with Neptune in Pisces, can be empathetic and understanding, but it’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to fine detail or engineering work. If you’re doing your taxes this week, you better check your math.

Tuesday gives us Venus sextile Saturn. This is an incredibly useful aspect when it comes to relationships. Everything Saturn-related may not automatically sound romantic, but listen to me. When the sweetness and cuddle of Venus works together with the power of Saturn, it can actually be one of those rare times when kissing someone to make it better could actually (somehow) work. Of course, you should also act practically.

The midweek gives us too Sun textile Saturn. This is a good time to get around the occasional rampage ego that comes with Sun in Aries (put the machete down, Aries friends, I’m talking about the other Aries …

So it’s a week of love and light and good intentions, more or less. However, such a thing has to be expressed in a fixed way in the world if it is to achieve anything. Something like that might be easy for you on Friday, because Mercury sextile Pluto is accurate. This can be a good time to have one of those “we need to talk” moments. However, never start an actual conversation with the phrase “we need to talk”. It builds a conversation with a few seconds of stress that neither of you need. Just spit it out. #AriesSeason

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