Love Horoscope for the Week of October 11

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In general, the romantic prediction this week is pretty good. Venus continues to enjoy the fun-loving charm of Sagittarius and is working towards a happy aspect with Jupiter. Mars in Libra is a tricky placement, but often useful when it comes to bringing a little peace to your relationships. This is especially true this week when you consider that the volume of all your Mars functions will increase as this planet approaches the trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. This aspect won’t be accurate until next Monday, but you should start feeling its effects now. Speaking of next Monday …

This is the last full calendar week for both Mercury retrograde and Jupiter retrograde. With Mercury retrograde, take all normal precautions in planning and communications. But pay close attention to Jupiter retrograde – or rather the end of it. Jupiter is the natural ruler over agreements, steady relationships, and marriages. It is also the ruler of Sagittarius where Venus is now. If you’ve had trouble in any of these departments in the last two or three months of your life, you may get more of them. But get ready for next week. When Jupiter is stationed and going straight, it is a very powerful planet. Imagine that Jupiter stands still for a moment before revving up the engine and moving forward. It will be a good week to do some mending on your committed relationships. So now do your homework on how to implement this for you.

On Wednesday, Venus sextile Saturn is accurate. While this is not a strong aspect to hit you in the face, it is a good time to begin or cement an existing relationship if you work with it carefully and consciously. It’s also not a bad time to start a budget or diet.

Overall, the prospects for socializing this weekend are pretty good. Sun in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius is exactly on Friday. This is pretty much the exact recipe you need to “have a good time with old friends, or maybe meet someone, or both”.

Though Mercury is retrograde, Mercury sextile Venus can be a great time for kind thoughts and words and for being creative both in your relationships and in general. Go ahead and write this love letter; Make sure you check the thing’s spelling before sending it. Exactly this aspect is on Saturday.

So: get out, have fun and play a good game. There is nothing more “Venus in Sagittarius” than THAT!

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