Love Horoscope for the Week of September 6

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If you’re in one of those work environments where Monday always seems like a bit of drama, this week can be especially emotional. (Hopefully you have the day off for Labor Day!) On Monday, two important aspects are precise – both the domination of social interaction and the usual love and sex that you come here after. But don’t worry … there will be plenty of that too.

The first of the two big aspects that are accurate on Monday is Mars trine Pluto. When these two planets work together on a helpful aspect like this it can do great things for your energy levels. And yes, that includes energy for sex. Be careful though, because a little bit of this energy can go a long way at times. If something is festering in one of your relationships, this may not be the time to blow it up.

Also useful for romance and a little less risky than the Mars trine, Pluto, is Venus trine Jupiter. This is widely considered to be one of the best aspects of love and romance. It’s also great for overspending or screwing up your diet, so be careful with that. But who am I to rain on your parade? Have fun with it!

Both aspects will affect the first part of the week, and the Mars trine (because Mars is slower than Venus) will be in effect throughout the week.

Monday brings us that too New moon in Virgo. If you have read my paper long, you know that I always recommend people to take time out during the new moon to state their intentions on how they would like to change their lives in the next month. In view of the fact that this new moon also takes place on a day with exactly these Venus and Mars aspects, this moon has a special beat. If there is something that needs to be changed in your relationship (s), be it romantic or otherwise, this new moon could be an especially powerful help.

Friday, Venus enters the spicy Scorpio. Forget everything you have been told or read that somehow Venus is a “bad” placement in Scorpio. In my experience, Venus is great in Scorpio. On the other hand, I have a thing for bad girls, so your mileage may vary. Don’t be afraid to shake your moneymaker, whatever that may be in your case, to get its full effect.

Finally, even though it’s almost a month away, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that Mercury goes retrograde on September 27th. Let’s start doing the paperwork now, right?

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