Mars in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus: Swirling Emotions and Awakened Desires

Mars will sextile Uranus from Cancer 11 to Taurus 11 on Tuesday, May 11th (or May 12th if you are in Europe or Australia).

Since Mars is holding hands with Uranus in the zodiac, there is a dynamic, living quality that can help inspire action. You may feel restless, ready to act, or impatient with progress that is not progressing as fast as you might want.

This aspect feels electric, and as the Mars sextile Uranus you may feel shaken up or as if you can finally create movement in a stuck or stagnant situation.

Your emotions could be stirred or triggered, as Mars in the Cancer watermark may already be arousing emotions that are a little uncomfortable, and this connection to chaotic Uranus can take that to extremes. With Mars in Cancer, an emotionally oriented sign, mood affects motivation and your enthusiasm for activity can almost fluctuate from day to day.

Uranus could activate your desires and drives and in the 24-36 hours that this aspect is in the game you can work through your to-do list and get a lot done. Personally, I think Uranus transits play an important role in initiating events and raising your desires and awareness. In this webinar, I will talk about the unique nature of the Uranus transits from Uranus in Taurus.

That is, if you have already burned out the candle on both ends, that aspect may have a “fried” or burned out feeling. It’s definitely not a consistent, steady pairing of planets, so making sure you get things done in seizures and bouts, and that you need quiet and space in between, can be helpful.

You might instinctively make decisions in the heat of the moment. Sometimes this works well and helps you be more honest and real; Sometimes you make a reactive decision that you want to question or change afterwards.

Freedom, independence and autonomy could become more and more important. If so, dare to make a change or decision that is right for you – even if it surprises others or goes in an unplanned direction. Sometimes making the unexpected choice can help bring excitement and interest back into your life. It can be important now to create or find space to follow your feelings, no matter where they lead you.

Since Mars in Cancer is linked to Uranus in Taurus, the themes of your Taurus and Cancer houses are temporarily linked, giving you a unique opportunity to find new excitement or make progress, especially on these themes in your horoscope and life.

I would love to hear how this aspect shows up in your chart and life this week – let me know in the comments below.

I also share more about Mars in the Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus in this short video:

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