Mars in Libra: Agitated, Unsettled, Repairing a Fault Line

I was just seasoning a cast iron pan in the kitchen this weekend when I found my thoughts drifting towards the astrological symbolism of what I was doing. Iron is associated with Mars while oil would be a Jupiter thing.

I was thinking of the interaction between the two, between the cast iron pan and the oil: how the oil helps prevent scorching and sticking when the pan gets hot, how Jupiter can help grease the wheel, making it easier Finding common ground, a common purpose or sense of purpose that can motivate action and decision-making or relieve tension, all of which are Mars things.

As Mars travels Libra from September 14th to October 30th, Mars will want to avail of any help, assistance, or guidance that Jupiter can offer in Aquarius.

Mars is perfectly positioned to accept Jupiter’s offer of help or input around October 18, when Mars in Libra trims Jupiter in Aquarius from Libra 22 to Aquarius 22. This day can point you up to a solution to a problem, help you find a solution to a deadlock, or point you to a short-term solution to a longer-term problem that you are currently working on.

Mars in Libra has the technical definition of harm. A damaged planet has an unadjusted, unstable quality. You may notice this in a situation around you.

On an individual level, you can experience the Mars cycle in Libra as a period when the Libra House themes in your horoscope are restless, troubled, or less reliable than usual. Your typical pattern or rhythm in these areas of life could be disrupted. Or a temporary flare-up can reveal a weak point, a flaw in your plan or schedule, or a fault line that needs to be fixed.

The next six weeks will give you ample opportunity to get to know the Libra part of your horoscope better, because in addition to Mars in Libra (for the first time in 2 years!) There will also be a retrograde Mercury in Libra, from September 27th to October 18th .

Mercury will be in Libra for more than two months, through early November, so you have plenty of time to research, discuss, review, and revise the routines and logistics surrounding your Libra home.

A harmful planet is often misunderstood and simply labeled “bad”. A planet does much more harm! This planet could think outside the box, question accepted norms, question the status quo, or find solace and even some purpose in being outside of the group or community in some way.

A destroyed planet can reveal issues or areas of your life that are inconsistent, in flux, in constant change, or indicate areas where you find it difficult to build longevity and stability, and to amass resources or accomplishments.

Mars at Damage may show ready to fight for the marginalized, the marginalized, the forgotten, and the overlooked. Mars in Libra seeks to correct an imbalance, especially in relation to justice or social affairs, especially where groups of people are marginalized or have a harder time than others.

Mars in Libra can show a desire to question social expectations regarding sexuality (Anais Nin) or success (Barbara Walters), and it can highlight that an important part of your life path is advocating for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.

In the next six weeks, when Mars tours Libra, you may be doing the same thing. Speaking up about something that is unfair or unjust – for yourself or for someone around you. You may be working hard to fix an area of ​​your life that is flawed or not as functional and satisfactory as you would like.

Mars problems are usually solvable, but they require momentum and elbow grease – a willingness to step in and do the job that needs to be done, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

In Libra, an air sign, some of the fearful and troubled qualities of Mars might upset your mind. This transit can have an anxious, restless quality that could mean the need for extra self-care, especially around calming the mind or managing your thoughts. This restless influence of the spirit is likely to peak around October 8-10 as Mercury retrograde forms a conjunction with both the Sun and Mars in Libra.

As I pondered over the pan, which I was generously seasoning with oil, I pondered how extra doses of Jupiter might help smooth out some of the potentially uncomfortable – hot, sharp, tense – moments of this Mars-in-Libra period.

Your “oil” or dose of Jupiter may look different than mine, but it is likely an encounter or experience that is in some way calming, smoothing, or nourishing and feels like it’s just gliding. This could be a time with a beloved friend, confidante, or partner, to delve into a wisdom tradition that calms your mind (I always enjoy Pema Chodron and the Stoics), or even actual encounters with oil, like wetter, oily foods, or using quality oils on your skin, in a bath or shower.

Finding the right kind of moisture to keep things flowing and prevent burns or drought (symbolically, drought represents distance, separation, loneliness, distance, and an excess of space) will help as we all do the next six weeks navigate with this somewhat insecure and unreliable Martian transit.

When you flare up, try to channel your anger, heat, or frustration in such a way that you create a balanced experience for yourself and for others.

Which house will Mars activate in Libra for you? How do you experience this cycle and Mercury retrograde in Libra here?

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