Using Meditation for Manifestation

In its most basic form, meditation is a relaxation technique, but meditation and guided meditation can also be extremely useful tools in manifesting as they enable you to “sync up” with who you really are and to focus on your true desires.

Meditation Helps You to Calm Your Mind and to Feel Good

The first prerequisite for successful manifesting is that you feel good about what you want to bring about – and to feel good in general. As we know, the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so negative feelings and thoughts (depression, pessimism etc) will make you attract more of the same to your life.

So, in order to attract a generally good life, you need to feel good about life in general. If you want to attract a specific thing, you want to feel good about that thing.

Meditation, even on its most basic level, allows the mind to quiet which allows your natural frequency to rise as your mind is taken off of anything that may have been bothering you. Relaxation techniques used for meditation calm both your mind and your body, allowing you to feel more well-being, and when you’re set up for manifesting from a place of general pleasure and piece of mind, the results of that manifestation simply can’t turn bad.

Principle of Focus

Applying the principle of focus is of great importance for successful manifesting. Whatever it is you wish to draw in your life, you should focus the energy of all of your being to it: your thoughts, positive feelings and actions all should be aligned with the frequency of that which you want to manifest.

Only, focusing can be a challenge for many of us: as we are so used to jump from one task to another, from one thought to another, one action to another… we tend to have difficulties when we try to focus our attention to one thing, no matter how important it may be to us.

Our thoughts often show unexpected stubbornness when we try to “discipline” them – they easily wonder off or turn into something we didn’t want. For example, a simple visualization exercise of a car you’re trying to manifest can turn into a nightmare when your kids appear in it out of nowhere and start trashing your beautiful car – this image also came from inside your mind, but it’s not the direction you intended your visualization to take.

Disciplining our thoughts is perhaps best achieved through meditation. As meditation requires us to focus on one thing and one thing only (our breathing, for example, or the thoughts of love if we meditate on love), it can help us to train our mind to focus better.

As we explained in the article about guided meditation, our mind learns through repetition, so the more we practice focusing through meditation, the more our general concentration will be, even when we’re not meditating.

Combining Meditation and Creative Visualization

This is perhaps the perfect combination of techniques to achieve the highest level of effectiveness for manifesting, especially if your desire is something that you don’t quite believe is possible, or is far from your current situation.

For example, you want to attract a romantic partner, but deep down you don’t think that he exists, or that a person so perfect would even be with you; or if you’re earning $2,000/month and you’re trying to manifest a job where you could be earning $50,000/month – which, no matter how much you want it, can easily seem out of your reach and stay in the domain of wishful thinking.

Both these are examples of your own insecurity preventing you to successfully make your mind believe that you can and will have what you desire; and without firmly believing that it’s possible for you, you won’t get very far.

Well, meditation and visualization can solve this problem relatively easily. The best way to show you how is to walk you through the process:

Think about what you want and why you don’t believe that you can have it. Then think about what the ideal world would look like to you, the world in which anything was possible, and pick one image or scene that represents it. It should be something where both this world (in which you don’t believe you can do it) and the ideal world overlap. For example, your ideal world could also have that peaceful corner of your favorite park, right?

When you’re ready, use meditative technique of your choice to calm the thoughts in your mind – focus on your breathing or on a single object in front of you. If your thoughts wonder off, let them, don’t be disturbed about it, just notice that you were distracted (it’s normal) and gently bring back your attention to the object of meditation. When you sense that you’re fully relaxed and that your mind isn’t wondering anymore, you can go to the next stage.

Imagine that scene where your ideal world and this world overlap – that park for example. Imagine that you’re there, but in the ideal world – you know everything that is in that park, every bench, every path, every tree, but you also know that everything else is just as you want it to be, although you don’t see it. You’re just there, in the park that you know, and the world is a great place. Stay in the park for as long as you need to fully embrace the feeling that the world outside of it is made by your desire.

And now you can introduce the object of manifestation – the romantic partner or perfect job. Imagine them for example entering that park, or how you get out of the park to take a job interview – you’ll find that introducing them this way makes it much more believable to your mind to accept that you actually can have what you want.

This was an example of guided meditation (you created a script before you started meditating). You can do it the way we described, or you can read more about how guided meditation works on this website that specializes in creating guided meditation recordings and then apply your own rules – but for many people this is by far the most effective way to change their reality.

And even if you don’t have a specific goal on your mind, manifesting a life full of happiness, joy and peace is something we all want – and meditation is one of the best techniques to get your current life in such state, so that you can start drawing in more pleasant experiences from a place of calm inside you.

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