Mercury in Virgo: Details, Decisions and Deal Making

Mercury will be in Virgo from August 11th to 30th, 2021.

Mercury in Virgo brings out the best of Mercury’s eagle-eyed talents. This combination is about attention to detail, analytical and strategic thinking at a high level as well as the management of the many logistics of daily life.

Mercury in Virgo is the BEST placement for Mercury.

Mercury is exalted in both Dominion and Virgo, so this is where it is most functional.

This creates a short window of time – Mercury is also moving pretty fast right now, going through Virgo in just over two weeks – in which to organize and make clear, practical plans.

Mercury is the planet of business, commerce, and negotiation.

While Mercury is in Virgo, you can enter into an agreement, set schedules, and arrange logistics, including travel, work, or other plans, for the months ahead. This is generally a good time to invest in new technology as well – except, of course, on the few days that Mercury in Virgo faces Neptune in Pisces.

In Virgo, Mercury will consider two aspects:
– Mercury versus Neptune in Pisces: August 24th, 22 ° Virgo / Pisces
– Mercury trine Pluto in Capricorn: August 26th, 24 ° Capricorn / Virgo

Mercury versus Neptune in Pisces can be problematic because Neptune creates an obscure, foggy mood that tends to block facts. Details may be lost or your message may drift into the airwaves instead of arriving as intended. On the other hand, in relation to Neptune, Mercury can be helpful for creative or spiritual activities as well as for getting in touch with your intuition. Take the time to notice your energetic or felt reaction to events rather than obsessing over yourself about job efficiency and other goals. Perhaps you need extra rest or a break from an intense thinking project. When there is a decision to be made, it is best to avoid the 24 hours that this aspect is involved.

Mercury trine Pluto in Capricorn awakens a detailed, intense and inquiring energy that helps you to search for hidden details. You might come across a core truth or idea. True motivations can be exposed, and it’s definitely a window of time when speaking from the heart is important, especially in your most intimate partnerships. An investigative trait can help you ask an in-depth question or discover new information.

Additionally, Mercury in Virgo will trine with Uranus in Taurus on August 20th.

Your mini Mercury in the Virgo horoscope

Based on your sign, or better yet, your ascending sign (if you know it), here are the topics Mercury will trigger for you in Virgo:

Aries – health, wellness and work flow, daily duties
Taurus – love, romance, happiness, children, joy
Gemini – home, family relationships, forms of living, information about the past / family history
Cancer – self-expression, communication, writing, teaching + all kinds of social media
Leo – money, especially cash flow and income
Virgo – personality, looks, attitudes, thoughts, habits and behaviors, personal projects
Libra – rest, retreat, time out, work privately, reflection
Scorpio – social connections, friendships, happiness, support, benefactors, networks
Sagittarius – career, professional plans, goals and projects, public roles and reputation, success
Capricorn – travel, adventure, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, belief, meaning, purpose
Aquarius – finances, especially investments, debts, taxes Couple or family finances, retirement planning
Pisces – relationships including romantic connections and business partnerships, other people in general

What is your virgin house Are you ready to organize yourself in this area of ​​life?

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