Mercury Retrograde: Returning, Remembering, Revisiting

There are some tasks that I can do so well while Mercury is retrograde. I usually use this time to catch up on unfinished business or open questions. While Mercury retrograde is often described as a difficult time, in my experience a lot can be done during this time – it just requires focusing.

Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini from May 29 to June 22, 2021.

Mercury retrograde on your diagram: The 12 Houses House

An important way to connect to a Mercury retrograde cycle is to see which area of ​​the house it activates on your chart. The themes of your twin house will now be the focus (especially since the solar eclipse in Gemini is also coming up on June 10!). Remember to move, reorganize, clear out and catch up with things. And yes, it is also important to be a little more patient with these issues or people, as some delays, duplication, and cable overlap are likely.

This Mercury decline will happen in my 4th house of the home, family and housing situation. Writing this post reminded me that I didn’t post on the blog the news that we are moving back to Canada in July! I’ve talked about it on a few podcasts but found that I didn’t write about it. At this point in time, quarantine regulations still apply in Canada, so we will arrive back in Ontario in mid-July and go into quarantine for two weeks, then we will return to our small town. We’ll be in makeshift accommodation for a few more weeks while we wait for all of our things to be delivered, which is expected to arrive at the end of August when we can finally settle into our home.

We look forward to returning and look forward to being in our house. It was a wild ride to have lived in Europe for two years and witnessed the pandemic here. I’ll share more about our relocation adventures as we move on.

So back to Mercury retrograde and tips on how to use this cycle to your advantage.

I wrote about this three-part process here first, which is like a Mercury retrograde to-do list. Here are my experiences so far in June 2021.

Your Mercury Retrograde To-Do List has three parts:

– return
– Recall
– visit again


I just spent the morning figuring out how to return a home security system that we panicked bought last December after our apartment was broken into. We ended up changing the locks on the door to a much more secure version and ended up not needing the security system. Since then it has been in a box in the storage room. In preparation for our move back to Canada next month, we’re trying to sort out loose bits and pieces. Since the return period for this item has long passed, we will try to pass it on to someone in the community here.

The next point I won with today wasn’t exactly a return, but rather a repair / repair. I have some pyrex glass Tupperware style containers that are great except that the lid gets lost on one and the lid falls apart on the other. For the past few months I’ve been thinking about keeping it or donating it. I finally woke up this morning and realized that maybe it is time to donate them. Just before I did, I had an idea. A quick google search lets me know that I can purchase replacement lids for these exact containers. Voila! Fixed – after months of mental back and forth movement.


We recently took a few days off to spend time on the beach. We spent most of the days wandering the coast for hours, on foot, on foot, on foot. My legs hurt at the end of each day, but the good kind of wounds. I slept better and my digestion calmed down. This daily experience really helped me remember how much I LOVE walking – and how good walking is for my body. Now I try to walk more every day. It is as if I have been re-inspired by the healing powers of movement. So simple, but doing it was more helpful than just thinking about it.

It also just occurred to me that a book that I ordered in March has not yet arrived. So, in the cliché of retrograde Mercury experiences in Gemini, I’m trying to find out what happened to this missing book.

Visit again

Instead of starting something new, I try Focus on completion while Mercury is retrograde. I give my energy to unfinished business, try to catch up on a few emails and manage the various Life Admin threads that are constantly running in the background. I’ve had quite a few emails this week with the title, ‘We were chatting on X-Thing – is this still happening?’ Posted. And ‘I think I forgot to contact you – what else do you need from me?’

This week I called the airline for the third time to book our cats for our flight back to Canada. Our flight has changed twice since it was originally booked (which happened long before Mercury went back down!) And each time a call must be made to confirm the cats on the plane and reassign the seat assignments. We don’t fly until July so there is a good change that will change again. But repeating something you’ve already done – to fix it or redo because circumstances have changed – is classically retrograde.

As you can see from my own simple examples, Mercury retrograde isn’t always a big event, but it can help you organize and organize the logistics of daily life.

How are you doing retrograde with Mercury so far? Do you come back, remember or visit something again?

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