Modern Mystic – Creating a Soul-Led Business with Mystic Saira

Mystic Saira is an award-winning, industry-recognized clairvoyant who provides a variety of clairvoyant reading services. Modern Mystic is the platform on which customers can book readings and appointments online.

Mystics, clairvoyants, clairvoyants, and spiritual healers have helped thousands find their spiritual path, reconciling with lost partners and family members, finding better jobs, and becoming more financially successful.

However, mystics have many people’s needs to attend to, and an individual can have endless questions. Ultimately, mystics point out that all the answers are to be found within ourselves, which is the foundation of soul-guided entrepreneurs and businesses.

Mystic Saira, the modern day mystic, is addressed to all people with spiritual affinities who would like to learn more about the awakening of their spiritual powers, which would ultimately help their life, business and relationships flourish:

“I have now created a number of digital psychics courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home. You can learn psychic skills, tarot, Akashic records, the law of attraction and much more. “

The courses offer a plethora of benefits for lightworkers, soul-guided entrepreneurs, and alert individuals who want to develop their spiritual skills, develop a stronger connection with their minds, master tarot readings, gain more confidence with psychic powers, access memories of past lives and learn a variety of brand new psychological skills.

The entire suite of Modern Mystic Clairvoyant courses is available at a limited time promotional discount and costs £ 147.

Saira Kadeer is the winner of Psychic of the Year 2020/21 for Central England and the winner of The National Psychic of the Year 2021. These awards along with thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers have given Saira’s platform a spotless, impeccable online reputation and outstanding Credibility.

Modern Mystic’s catalog offers valuable packages for soul-guided entrepreneurs and spiritually awakened individuals who want to learn more about their past life, twin flame, ideal relationships, and business in general.

The packages include recorded readings, individual measurements, forecasts, courses and a variety of unique products, including the pendulum table, the orgonite-amethyst pendulum, the Sleepy Head Aura / Space Spray, the Mystic Topaz necklace, the Black Tourmaline Protection necklace, the azeztulite ring and a host of other magical artifacts and amulets.

Additionally, Mystic Saira now offers coaching for soul-guided spiritual entrepreneurs and prospective or established clairvoyants to help them build their spiritual businesses online. In the past year and a half she has turned her spiritual business into a 6 digit business and it is her passion to share this invaluable knowledge with her coaching clients around the world. Her signature coaching program is Get Fully Booked in Your Psychic Business.

Saira’s rise to fame began on TV and radio, more specifically with Psychic Today on Sky TV in England and A1R Psychic Radio in the US:

“I am a regular presenter and on-screen medic on Psychic Today on Sky TV and have hosted my own radio / TV show on A1R Psychic Radio in America. I was featured in it’s Fate and Fate and Fortune Magazine chat and was just featured in a book called Science of Paranormal by Sharad and Nalini Pradhan that is available on Amazon. ”

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