Moesha: Friend alleges Devilish Business Tycoon Exchanged Actress’ soul for Death After Sleeping with her ▷ Ghana news

  • A friend of Moesha Boduong’s, Adu Safowaah, shared how the actress’s life changed for the worse after sleeping with a business tycoon
  • She said the business tycoon wasn’t human, but Moesha didn’t know
  • Safovaah claimed the man exchanged Moesha’s soul for death, which prompted the actress to contact the church
  • Moesha had previously advised young women not to sleep with men because of their wealth

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A friend of actress Moesha Boduong, Adu Safowaah, has explained the reason for Moesha’s remorse and recent outbursts on social media.

Adu Safowaa claimed that Moesha came across a business tycoon who traded her soul for death after sleeping with her.

She said the business tycoon happened to be non-human, but Moesha was not aware of this prior to their affair.

A collage by Moesha Boduong. Photo credit: @ moeshaboduong / Instagram
Source: Instagram

Since then, Moesha has reportedly behaved abnormally and turned to the church for rescue.

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Adu Sarfowaa added that no one should blame Moesha for her affair with the diabolical business tycoon because “we are all non-virgins and have dirty skeletons.”

She urged Moesha’s friends and family to pay attention to her during these turbulent times in her life as she needs it the most.

Safowaa also urged Ghanaians to pray for Moesha to help them overcome their plight.


Adu Safowaa’s claims have generated massive reactions on social media.

The majority of commentators say they are praying for Moesha.

zakageduld: “She will live and proclaim the goodness of God.”

adwoa242021: “Awww may God protect Moe for me.”

efyarolls_royce: “On God.”

zakageduld: “May God protect you.”

alvinnanjunior: “My mother pls thank you for praying for her, that’s why I always say I love you oo. “

erykaheshun: “I pray for her koraa that she will survive.”

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Packaging and ingredients: “Moesha will live and proclaim the goodness of the Lord … Mercy said no … Hallelujah. “

angsomwine_princess: “I am right darling, mercy saved you. “

helens1975boadi: “May God protect. “

theresaantwi6: “God save you darling. She has to choose. The right way. And the Lord God will guide their way. “

deborah.serwaaakoto: “Eiiiiii, hmmmmm May God save you. “

Moesha preaches

By now Moesha was preaching on the news.

She gathered a group of young people and advised them not to sleep with men because of their wealth.

Moesha was also on the news because she fell during a church rescue service.

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