Monday 30 August 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18. The Lord comes to judge the earth – Ps 95 (96): 1, 3-5, 11-13. Luke 4: 16-30.

No prophet is ever accepted in his own country

Authentic prophets are not chosen by the people to fulfill a role they choose; they are called by God to serve a God chosen mission. Since the God given mission alone determines the role they are to play, they will often be inconsistent with what people expect of them.

The disciples of Emmaus identify Jesus as “a prophet, mighty in deed and word before God and all people” (Luke 24:19). But the same people killed him. As often in the history of the Church have we seen prophetic women and men persecuted while they were alive and honored after their death.

The words of Moses are relevant today: ‘If all the people of the Lord were prophets and the Lord would lay His Spirit on them!’ (Number 11.29).

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