Moon in Taurus: Saturn and Uranus: Tests and Freedom

In 2021 and 2022, as the Moon moves through Taurus, it will face the competing – and contradicting – demands of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

The moon surmounted by Saturn: clarify a boundary

As the moon interacts with Saturn, it must recognize and evaluate a limit, duty, or obligation. This square, in which the moon in Taurus is overcome by Saturn in Aquarius, can highlight an event, experience or time of the month when you too feel overwhelmed: where you feel burdened, burdened or as if you have an immense one Task has been assigned that will require great efforts.

Sometimes this task is obvious: an external deadline or duty that needs to be met. At other times, this task may take something from you.

For example, when circumstances show that you need to express a limit or limit, decline a request, or acknowledge that you only have so much time and energy and that one thing is just one thing too much now. In these cases, you need to dig deep, strengthen your symbolic backbone, and withstand the pressure of bowing to someone else’s will and saying, “No, thank you,” or “Thank you, but not this time,” or “I’m just just haven’t the capacities for it ”.

When the moon is overcome by Saturn, you may realize something that has overwhelmed you. If so, that Moon-Square-Saturn Aspect can become an opportunity for clarification, containment, and consolidation. To clarify your priorities, narrow your efforts, and focus and consolidate on tasks serving those priorities by delegating or rejecting anything that is not among your priorities.

Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus: pattern breaking

The moon will then have to change course quickly as their monthly meeting with Uranus requires a different strategy. In this interaction, the moon is invited to experiment, try something new and defy control or external expectations. The moon with Uranus longs for independence, freedom, autonomy: the right to choose according to one’s individual preferences, no matter how unconventional or unexpected they may be. This is your chance to break a pattern or change a habit.

Uranus then invites the moon to buck the trend, rock the boat, push back the pressure to be like others, or go the well-trodden path. Instead, Uranus activates extreme unrest and blossoming rebellion, which can erupt in a wild choice, a tiny change of heart, or a radical redesign of your direction. It is possible to do things your way, and when the moon is at Uranus you may be particularly curious about the new and different.

The Moon in Taurus usually offers comfort, stability, and an opportunity to collect yourself. And it will be time to settle in your body, enjoy nature and build new security for yourself as the moon wanders through Taurus every month.

But there is also a test to be overcome and the requirement to break an old pattern in order to honor it.

How do you experience the moon in Taurus these days?

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