Poetry That Soothes the Soul

A tribute to expressive voices

Read some poems this week. It will calm your soul. “

– Oprah Winfrey

OCALA, FL, USA, Oct. 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – “It will soothe your soul” were the exact words Oprah said when she pointed out the importance of the art of poetry when it comes to that To nourish soul. And she’s not the only one who enjoys the expressive yet delicate art of poetry; other aesthetes agree, including KD Gates, poet and author of Between Seams, her latest collection of poetry. Why? Because poetry, as unique as any star, is curated to guide the path of life. And like stars, volumes of poetry of all kinds light up the paths for lost souls.

Like a match to an unlit candle, expressive poetry is not complex or confusing; it’s brave and life changing. As? Well, imagine your daunting moment of rejection; Imagine how alone she felt. At that moment she felt that no one else in the world understood her pain. Later, after reading a book like Between Seams, she discovers that her quiet next door neighbor, the GYN, who she visits every year, and the lady at the Starbucks counter have all had the same experience. Now she doesn’t feel so alone anymore and her once closed, aching heart becomes an open path to healing. That is the life-changing difference of express poetry.

Says Gates, “Healing doesn’t just happen; you read it. “

You see, “Healing doesn’t just happen, you read it” is a smart phrase to live by. And women struggling with painful memories of love, lust, abuse, rejection, and self-sabotage agree. In other words, unlike long forms of literature and novels, express poetry, also known by some as real or relatable poetry, helps align mental pathways, also known as open seams. And instead of sitting and grieving, readers quickly began to identify painful parts, connect scattered points, and repair their unhealed hearts.

Uniquely, when referring to the healing art of expressive poetry – simple, honest, effective – Oprah best said it again when she said, “Just a few seemingly simple sentences perfectly express what we know right now have to.”

So, as I said, poetry is no longer an art form that is dying out; It’s the path to healing a dead soul, a solution to good mental health, and an out-of-the-box approach to healing, living and laughing through life’s daily struggles. Because as an individual, life seems to be different inside.

About KD Gates:
KD Gates is a poet, author, mother and visionary. She wrote and read poetry since childhood and found a sense of relief, a place to escape the pain of abuse, trauma and fear. Reading the titles of great poets helped KD develop her rebellious writing style. As the bestselling author of The Good Poet, she presents Between Seams, a lively collection of expressive poetry that touches love, lust, life, fear, joy and hope.

More information is available at www.kdgates.com.

Winfrey, O. (2021 April 18). Oprah celebrates National Poetry Month. Oprah daily. https://www.oprahdaily.com/entertainment/books/a36120398/oprah-national-poetry-month/

KD Gates
Author and poet KD Gates
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