Saturday 16 October 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

St. Hedwig; St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Romans 4:13, 16-18. The Lord will forever remember his covenant – Psalm 104 (105): 6-9, 42-43. Luke 12: 9-12.

Notice the movements of the Holy Spirit

Despite all of the great things God has done for us as someone who ‘brings things into existence that does not exist’, who has written salvation in both history and our personal stories, it still takes great faith and courage to speak and reveal the same miracle to others. Even after we have experienced God’s personal love, fear, like Peter, can lead us to completely deny Christ when challenged by others. It can also make us not speak at moments when faith moves us. Fear can also lead us to pass on our own narrow-minded, made-up ideas about God to others. Such moments instead require an attention to the movements of the Holy Spirit – the one from whom we draw strength and confidence about the fear of knowing when to speak and when to keep silent and let God speak through our actions.

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