Saturday 23 October 2021 – Daily Prayer

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John of Capistrano

Romans 8: 1-11. Lord, these are the people who long to see your face – Psalm 23 (24): 1-6. Luke 13: 1-9.

Let the fig tree stand for another year

The story of the fig tree is about God’s love and endless patience for us and our need for time to repent and grow in our faith and prayer. We all carry particular flaws and failures throughout our lives, so it is comforting to know that God will never forsake us. He believes in our future, so he will never leave us or leave us without help. There is an ancient story that tells of Peter standing at the gates of heaven. The world is over. Scripture has come true. The sheep were separated from the goats. When Peter is about to close the gates, he sees Jesus still standing outside. “Master”, he asks, “what are you doing outside?” Jesus replies – “I’m waiting for Judas!”. Yes, and Jesus will wait for us all beyond the end of time. He will stand at the gate and listen to our knock.

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