Saturday 7 August 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

St. Sixtus II & CC; St. Cajetan

Deuteronomy 6: 4-13. I love you, Lord, my strength – Ps 17 (18): 2-4, 47, 51.Matthew 17: 14-20.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart

Today’s first reading seems to have been written by someone who knows me all too well. The message is simple: love the Lord your God with all your might. That shouldn’t be too hard to remember, should it? Then the reading goes on to outline all the ways you can make sure you don’t forget that one instruction: tell it to your family, write it on your hand, even on your forehead. I have to say I feel attacked!

Because that’s me. I keep forgetting to turn to God in love. You’d think it would be easy to think about loving God, but I seem to need constant reminders. Fortunately, as we read in today’s gospel, faith is about a little bit!

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