Saturn Transits to Your Moon: Developing Resilience

As Saturn goes through it, your moon feelings will be highlighted and you can focus more on topics like self-care, health, and family.

This transit is a call to connect to your heart, honor it, and take care of yourself. During a Saturn transit to your Moon, you can reconnect with your core needs, particularly those related to emotional comfort, safety, and care.

Saturn in Aquarius and your moon

In 2021 and 2022, Saturn will be in Aquarius. If your moon is between 6 and 11 degrees of one of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, you will have a Saturn / Moon transit in 2021. If your moon is between 12 and 25 degrees of any of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, you will have a Saturn transit to your moon in 2022.

If you have the moon in Taurus or Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius will square your moon. If you have the moon in Leo, Saturn will counteract your moon. If you have the moon in Aquarius, Saturn connects your moon.

Seven year cycles

A Saturn transit to your moon that occurs every seven years can help you develop emotional awareness, take more responsibility for your feelings, and can bring clarity to some of your core instinctive truths. With transit Saturn in the aspect to your moon, especially through conjunction, square or opposition, it is now clear what has tugged at the edge of your consciousness.

Transit Saturn in relation to your moon marks a longer cycle of 28 to 30 years. This cycle begins when Transit Saturn is connected to your Moon, then seven years later in the square of your Moon, then seven more years on Transit Saturn opposite your Moon, and finally another seven years on Transit Saturn square your Moon again .

Transit from Saturn to your moon can bring new awareness to your heart and help you, if only temporarily, to assume a more practical emotional reality.

Once you’ve tried to see the possibilities in a situation, this cycle will help you focus on the facts. Ask yourself, “Does this work / relationship / family situation really meet my deep real needs?”

Support, time management and vulnerabilities

Some common emotions that can occur, especially during the early stages of a transit from Saturn to your Moon, include loneliness, feeling unsupported, difficulty coping with additional pressures or responsibilities, and wondering how long you have been with the weight still be able to cope with a current situation.

I don’t think Saturn is trying to make it difficult for us when it crosses our moon, but I think it wants to be honest about how we use our time and how we honor or deny our own needs.

Transit from Saturn can create barriers to giving and receiving emotional support. You may feel that your feelings don’t matter or are less important than the needs of a loved one. You may find it uncomfortable to be vulnerable or to struggle with feelings of loneliness. These experiences can happen even when you have great support and solid relationships. It is as if you were more introspective or energetic withdrawn during this transit.

Additional responsibilities may arise, particularly with respect to home, family, or health. If so, try to be realistic about how much you can or cannot give to others. Just because something has to be done doesn’t mean you have to be the one to do it.

Health, body and wellbeing

Self-care can become much more important when Saturn is looking at your moon – and sometimes you can struggle with the consequences of not taking care of yourself, such as

You can take on a new commitment to your health and wellbeing. The moon is the most important planet for health, including fertility, and you can learn a new ritual, change your diet, or improve your lifestyle that will increase your well-being and vitality. The moon is particularly associated with food and digestion. So make sure your diet is filled with clean, fresh, and nutritious foods that are easy to digest. Treating digestive symptoms or those related to food can become increasingly important.

A Saturn / Moon transit can show some practical limits to your ability to care for or be there for others. This, in turn, can help you worry less about other people so that you can protect and feed yourself, which is your top priority.

As Saturn traverses your moon, you can reassess and review the structure of your home and family life, and also question how authentic your closest relationships are.

Home, borders and protection

Setting boundaries or routines can help create new security and stability for everyone. This can mean saying no to helping others if you would have said yes beforehand. It can mean limiting the time you spend on other people’s projects or dreams and instead prioritizing what is really important to you.

You may be rethinking whether your current home or living situation is best for the future, and it is common to take big steps during this time – such as downsizing or taking responsibility for a new home, depending on Age and stage of life. Major renovations, especially in connection with necessary repairs and maintenance, may also be necessary.

The moon is like your tenderest inner child. Saturn is wise, but also firm and serious. Your role during a Saturn / Moon transit is to protect your vulnerable self, realize what a healthy boundary looks like, and then practice establishing your updated healthy boundaries in your daily life.

A Saturn / Moon transit can induce melancholy, which historically has been a more normal part of life than is the case in our modern culture of “finding happiness at all costs”. When you’re feeling flat or low on energy, allow yourself to do less. It’s okay not to be bubbly, alert, or excited about anything during this ride.

The hermit, rest and reflection

As an inward type transit, the hermit archetype can be helpful during this time to connect with him. You can reflect on, review, or make peace with your past. This can be a time to create new foundations in your emotional and family life. Your memories of your mother, your childhood or a significant past event can shift and change. A new understanding of the actions of others can help you move into a new phase of healing for someone or something that once caused you pain.

One book I read in 2020 that would be a good companion for a Saturn transit is Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May.

Check your diagram: the moon and your cancer house

Part of what makes your Saturn / Moon transit unique is the map-specific themes associated with your Moon. These come from the themes of the house ruled by Cancer in your personal horoscope. To find out, look at the themes of the house where you have cancer. You can experience the qualities and moods of Saturn that will influence your choices and decisions in these areas of your life as part of your Saturn / Moon transit.

To you … what did you experience during a Saturn transit to your moon?

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