Self-Empowerment Is The Authentic Expressing Of Your Soul

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Before we can begin to gain, maintain, and expand our own sense of self-empowerment, we must first understand what it is and what it entails in its most basic form and meaning. Self-empowerment is defined as the strength and confidence to express yourself as authentically as possible. As a result, one will express one’s soul rather than ego / spirit (attitude) rather than soul.

There are some things that are not included here, such as mimicking things that you wish you could be or things that you think you deserve to be viewed as such. The popular methods only work on a superficial level (ie temporarily) and instead nourish exactly what inhibits self-empowerment from the outset. As a result, the situation worsens in the long run, leading to the “doomed to fail” situation (while the person who sold you such methods is pretty much in the profits).

Self-empowerment is the authentic expression of your soul

Self-empowerment consists of three components

Self-empowerment is often discussed but rarely explained in detail what it entails or why it is either effective or ineffective in a particular situation. This is often due to the fact that the independent mindset has not been adopted and is not practiced.

The independent mindset is characterized by a lack of attachment to ideas, things or people (in part). It shows what it means to be “confident”. People who live with this self-empowerment do not have to rely on others to make their strengths available to them. Your main means of coping is to rely on yourself. Saying that they refuse help when it is requested does not mean that they will not contact you when it is absolutely necessary or when the opportunity presents itself.

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The person who achieves and lives this mindset will begin to have real strength rather than borrowed strength. As you can see, borrowed strength is defined as the need from outside sources in order to feel powerful, confident, or strong. True strength in our self-empowerment can only be found in ourselves. And in order to project that strength, we must first learn to maintain a healthy balance between the other factors that contribute to self-actualization.

A) Maintaining mental balance

Mental balance is one of the most important types of balance that we should all strive for in our life. Everything in our life is based on this one thing, and it’s the only thing we can count on. It doesn’t matter whether the damage is direct or indirect.

It follows that when your mental matrix is ​​out of whack, your entire life is out of whack (even if you think it is). The first line of defense against anything that could be potentially threatening, harmful or dangerous to ourselves or to our fellow human beings is our body’s immune system.

As a first step, it is necessary to acknowledge and understand the reality and the true nature of things. This includes coming face to face with the truth and not living further in the fantasy world of the inventions, illusions and delusions that we often construct in order to feel better about ourselves and to gain our own personal self-empowerment.

This action is just a crutch that is not needed to function properly. This makes the habit of relying on the crutch a part of the newly established reality and asserts the false sense of security as a reality. This only serves to nourish the ego entity.

B) Emotional balance

The emotional matrix for self-empowerment is the core of our being, where our experiences are recorded in their rawest and most unadulterated state. First of all, everything goes through the filter of our mental matrix before it is further filtered into our emotional matrix. In this place, all experiences are permanently recorded in order to be able to refer to them later if similar events, situations or circumstances occur again.

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Since the mental matrix is ​​vulnerable to attack, an incident that attacks your mental matrix will be recorded as a negative experience after that “attack” is amplified if it resonates in your emotional matrix. As a result, some people seem to be overreacting to certain situations. It has the potential to quickly escalate into paranoia and unjustified fear. These can lead to self-doubt and loss of self-esteem.

Then there are those who seem to have bypassed the entire mental filtering process completely. Most of the time, this is because you are overly compassionate or have a misunderstanding about what compassion is.

The majority of people believe that it is an attempt to imitate a “saint”. When you do this you are just using your emotional matrix and this is where things start to get completely out of control. The individual will be too emotionally charged to cope with each new ordeal. This will have a significant impact on how you react the next time something similar happens.

What happens to the body and brain in such an incident is truly remarkable (in a not so admirable way). In fact, the individual is experiencing a change in his own chemical makeup as manifested in his own body.

Hence, some people appear to be “psychotic”, or as they call it, “good” or “justice” among others, in the name of compassion. It is also the cause of any mental disorder characterized by chemical imbalance.

As a result, you must make every effort to use your mental matrix first, thinking logically first and then thinking rationally. Throw away rationality in my opinion because it usually involves the ego and the ego’s only goal is to deceive and consume itself as we all know.

Then, depending on your emotional matrix, you can either let it react naturally in your personal self-empowerment or conjure up the corresponding emotion with your willpower. Your emotions will not overwhelm you and they will not be used against you that way. Instead, they are provided to you as a competitive advantage.

C) Spiritual balance

When it comes to physical balance, it’s never just about the physical aspect of things. This is another reason I started out with mental and emotional balance rather than physical health. These two factors have a significant impact on our ability to maintain our physical balance.

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However, we also need to include an additional component in the celebration: attitude. Your attitude (i.e. your mind) can create negative vibrations that can directly affect your physical body, making it either healthy or unhealthy.

You need to understand that the way you express your mind tells you a lot about your mental and emotional state, both to yourself and to others.

When you seem unable to control, or at least not control, your attitudes, you will suffer from mental and emotional stability and be more prone to upheaval. A “free spirited” attitude is nothing more than a lack of self-discipline. Also, if you are not disciplined, there is chaos. This in turn only prevents your soul from being expressed.

And when your soul is unable to express itself through an unclogged filter (mental, emotional and spiritual matrix), your ego will step in to fill in the gaps. If you allow this, your ego will begin to use up the energies of your body from within. This leads to a feeling of mental and emotional exhaustion.

Others, however, experience deterioration in their physical health. More specifically, if you let your ego consume your soul, it will consume your etheric body first and then your physical body. During this period you will notice an increase in the number of physical health problems.

All it takes is that you learn to maintain a healthy mental and emotional matrix while maintaining a positive outlook on your situation. Because your posture is the door through which the ego emerges, pushes itself to the fore and takes control of the situation. And then your ego entity will speak on behalf of your soul. Speaking in ways the soul would never express, saying things the soul would never say, and believing things (falsehoods) the soul would never believe are all examples of sin against the soul .

Such practices weaken the influence of the soul on one’s own being and one’s own self-empowerment becomes ineffective. As a result, the individual ceases to be himself and takes on the appearance that the ego desires. This results in a feeling of disorientation, which manifests itself as confusion and manifests itself in anger and fear.

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A deep understanding is gained of the fact that certain external things do not define “who we are”. Things like being rude / indecent / inconsiderate, wearing slack pants, and speaking in a certain way are all projections of the ego entity and not traits that reflect the true nature of the individual. The moment one begins to live true to oneself, he or she will also live true to those around him, and the soul can express itself freely – this is the expression of one’s true self in self-empowerment.

The result is that one who expresses his true self-empowerment (and maintains his integrity) inevitably projects self-empowerment by becoming a living embodiment of the definition of the word itself. What compassion is in nature in its purest form (in its purest form and not just an imitation of it).

“A man who looks at the world from the same perspective at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life,” says Albert Einstein.


The truth of reality for authentic self-empowerment enables the individual to better understand his current situation, the direction he wants his life to take, and most importantly, the identity he wants to own. There will be no confusion between an expression of the soul and a projection of its posture when this (of the ego-being) is implemented.

Such a person will not look for things that define them as a person in order to gain self-empowerment because they do not need such things because they already embody the definition of themselves.

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