Soul on Fire: Revealing the energetic blueprint of your soul’s evolution

AAfter reading this column for a while, it is safe to say that we have found and understood that it is widely accepted – we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe ruled by spiritual laws.

“We have gone far enough in our research to prove that there is something within us – in our physical body, our environment, and in nature itself – that responds to our belief in it.”

The above quote is a quote from Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of Science of Mind (SOM), a textbook that introduces a philosophy and scientific method of prayer and thought that creates a new relationship between man and God.

As a ministerial student of religious studies, I had the opportunity last weekend to teach a workshop on “Creating a Spiritual Toolbox” on the campus of the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living. It was a course on Using Six SOM Methods to Bring into Your Devotional Daily Spiritual Practice to Expand God Consciousness.

I met a fascinating lady in my class who asked me if I would be interested in having her consult my Akashic Records and have a “soul realignment” performed on me. I had to admit that I had only heard about this subject incidentally and was unfamiliar, but I am a student of all spiritual things in this life so I was open to learning more. I am happy to share my experience with the readers and introduce you to Jennifer Diallo.

Without knowing what it was, I felt that I really needed a “soul realignment” – I’m rising up and wanting to make sure I don’t carry anything from my past to bother me and her description of the process sounded so exactly what the doctor ordered.

According to Diallo and the religion of theosophy, there is a quantum field of knowledge beyond this dimension, beyond the mental and physical level, and is imprinted on our souls. It is a database of all life and is expressed by particles of light – like fiberglass records. It contains a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intentions that have ever occurred in the past, present and future in relation to all beings and life forms, not just humans. These are the Akashic records.

They can be accessed and interpreted by those who, through direct intuition and special training, can read into the history of our souls. It is a gift that can be sharpened, and Diallo has been developing her clairvoyance and Akashic superpower since 2016. After being locked up after a head injury and unable to read or see anything, she was able to listen and was tutored daily by Andrea Hess, a famous experienced Akasha channeler and intuition who founded Soul Realignment. Jennifer now belongs to the third generation of psychic readers in this quantum field.

Just as Reiki absorbs universal energy and transfers it through the hands of the healer to the patient’s body, the energy of the own Akashic Record is intuitively absorbed by the reader when the energetic blueprint of your soul development is revealed.

“I will give you an energetic testimony of how your soul is doing,” smiles Diallo.

It’s all so fascinating, and my reading was very accurate. I felt lighter knowing that some genetic burdens of the generations had been removed and a glimpse into some of the changes that had occurred around my feelings of purpose in life. I am happy to say that I am on the right track. I should be here on earth after 1002 lives.

If you are having trouble finding the meaning of your soul and want to look into the DNA patterns of your energetic expression, to find out where you have been in the 5th and 6th dimensions and where you are going, visit and take a look at your Akashic Records and the true nature of your soul. It is all there in the midst of the particles of light that make up the universe, where we are actually one with all of creation on the higher dimensional levels and the soul of everyone is on fire.

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